la push a little agitated

Chris Olsen is the photographer- that's me and Rocky, more navel gazing from this giant stringbean, but i needed to have something summery on the banner, so for the rest of summer- only summer themes. onward, bikini wearing poptarts-
plus i need some inspiration to get me going with Physical therapy and paddling, Monday i can go back in the water- here i come you bearded mermaids with your barnacle clad nipples

free mini-woodblock prints

this little girl or boy is having some real issues with that teddy- back talking, wont cuddle- potty mouth- available in waver color combos and black/white

who killed cute ? a vague rip off of the sex pistols, who killed Bambi ? LP, yes.

alright a straight up Batman rip off, titled KAPOW
if you would like a free aceo atc print send me a stamp- i'll send you one- we can trade too-
these are all the free hand pulled art prints that i've been tacking up around town- to unknown results, will keep you posted, neilie- out

my seattle with trees

this crack head habitat is down by teletubby park, across from Seattle central, and looks so much nicer in pixel form, in real life the slop painted t-one eleven is just a mess,
at some point in the old days of cobble stone and brick the city planted all of these horse chestnut tree, very broad leafed, very lush, in the autumn these flowers produce vast amounts of spiky nuts for us to throw at each other

these said trees create some spooky late summer evening strolls and one of the reasons i always tell new comers to town, to take warning, this is a very real very serious city at night and bad things happen to drunk kids walking home alone

the same trees also cause infrastructure misery and overtime, with flooding, from mountains of un-raked, washed away leaves stuffed into storm drains, but even with all of these faults, still one of my favorite trees-

favorite door in Seattle- so perfect, i could hang it on my wall- and this old guy down the street is still insisting that it's a door

check out this web site and put it in your favorites, so, so very excellent- inspiring even

new campaign

last week i started a new advertising campaign, i walked the whole city and tacked little woodblock prints up all over the place, trees, signs and fences- we'll see how it goes, i go for walks every morning now, that i can, i walk early, no one walks in this city, i pretty much have the place to myself, and why i started my feature titled, my seattle- we shall see if anyone cares to look close at my free range art show, i love free street art. don't you ?

my seattle with bum nests

whenever we drive across the country, and we have about eighteen times, we see a whole lotta old gas-stations run down and boarded up- i would just love to live in one, like this from the 20's or 30's, the golden era of service, old maps, tin cans and uniforms.

crap shack building, you wouldn't believe how smelly this street is, i believe i found out where they really make shit

the old dragon marquee, apparently sticks too far out for modern delivery drivers, looks like they dropped off some pallets, and forgot to light the match.

old buildings full of old people and time faded billboard paintings

really love the street art

really sad street, monday morning, all the bums hobo's and hoodlums were waking up



my kids really love to help make pie- what you didn't know we roll our crust with baby feet ?

new update with van photo

kids playing hookie with rocks

yesterday was the greatest day ever, had a long, walk around this summery city, taking photos of all the cool old cars and crappy old buildings.

and this is what i saw when i reached home, a block away from my house, a bunch of kids playing with a house, a kid with a hammer and a little girl with big rocks

as i'm taking pix the girl turns to me and screams we're playing hookie-


greatest dad in the world if you ask me- this is every kids dream come true-

sorry about the double post, can't find the eraser button damn-

for sale-my seattle

talk about curb appeal !

this is the beginning of a feature i'd like to call my seattle, showcasing some of the beautiful forgotten parts of this city, enjoy.
this place is for sale, if your interested and only $670,000 the sign says it's recently remodeled and rentable, who would have guessed.
with newer roof, lovely.

new banner for 100 post party, that's me

alright i was nineteen and very aggro- but what a little suede head huh? with his little fred perry shirt and grown out skin head look and bad attitude- chewing gum and drinking green soda pop-a straightedge hater- i made the eighties a piece of shit

dont you just want to kick his ass

100 posts+one

mount octopus says- piece now !
can you possibly believe it, this is my one hundredth post+or - a few, i seem to have missed the count because this machine counts drafts too, and i have a shit load of unpublished posts, so i lost count, and then this morning my mom calls, and she wants to know why i haven't been writing anything, am i sick- are my fingers broken ? and alright, i've been busy, i didn't think anyone even looked at this shit pig-

happy one hundred posts- yeah, i was going to have a party- with give aways and cakes and pie but instead i painted a machine gun. laying in the grass.

and a postcard water color of punk rock love- which never in reality looked this good or promising- we were all so much uglier than any one could even imagine

this is my second car, a wonderful 1966 ford galaxie 500, two door hard top, i bought it for six hundred dollars, somebody before had keyed the hood and trunk with X's it was bright red with black interior, i used it to drive myself crazy- parked it in snowbanks and under stars i went looking for you through country roads at three in the morning listening to the misfits- helplessly

for the one hundred post party i have a three way cross over to my other blogs listed below, check it out all new art and rambling finger plinking- vans and automobile crap

black dress injustice

sure it's a great little black dress and all - but screw that- The Beak isn't going to put on some damn dress because the Injustice League gets all uncomfortable around nudity, they like their ladies in tiny slinky slightly hidden childish perversions, and now she's going to kick their asses, and then fly away to her secret tree house in the clouds over Mt. Octopus.
what ? you want some of this ?
warning i have posted a new van article today, enjoy.

again with the killing of the cutie

alright, you see, i made two woodblock's of this image one with text and one without as templates for a tee-shirt and let me be the first to tell ya' hand cutting font letters out of one hundred year old cedar is really difficult, but i think they came out good, the text print hand pulls really well, maybe not enough distortion, but tight lined, but i think i like the square bear more, what?
yesterday, Dashiel walked around all day asking everyone, who killed cute ? and whispering the answer. p.s. have posted up more art over here at my only art site, thanks again, keep on peeking.

new discovery


come closer,

a little closer- perfect can i tell you what i have just recently discovered, and it has blown my life wide open-

here it is-
the pencil, that's what it's called, and it is incredible- i haven't used one of these since i was a kid and man they're so good and they come with erasers, top that, what other instrument comes with a devise that destroys what it was designed to create, absolutely amazing, and- and you can keep sharpening them for like ever.
steal one today- best tool ever
and maybe the most ubiquitous and useful object in the room- it's a weapon, it's a drawing thingy like a pen only better, it's an art destroyer, it's correctable, fun to break, fun to flip up into the air, stick in the ceiling, people love to chew on them, they smell great, they draw wonderful lines, and shades, they fit in pockets and behind your ear, and they come with wonderful exotic names like-
i'm in love.

My new wave son

this is Dashiel, with the most beautiful hair, so thick so rich, do you remember that for his first two years of his life, he was a blond, crazy right, this here picture is this years class photo, so sweet huh? so here i go being a real life blogger, like all the other mom's out here, sorry, it won't happen again, Jake will have to post up his own photos.

my Edwardian son

i try to keep this site professional, as you are well aware, but you know, when Forest came home with his class photos, i just couldn't resist okay, beside being a little fruity, and time travelly, isn't he the cutest little big boy look what a good little model he is, and so serous, i have a little tear in my eye, don't look at me.
have also added some toy photos at my van site see below

post op-art

i just wanted to inform everyone, that i have survived surgery, hopefully in a few days i will be able to show you some pictures of the wound, lower back, marked with an X, all is well, no problems, and the herniated disc pain, feels good, but the incision hurts.
just wanted to say hi, and post up a couple of watercolor paintings i had finished the night before surgery.
have you noticed that i really like bare feet ?
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