i drawed this when i was in first grade i think, i couldn't find a photo of myself from those days but i think i was wearing a navy blue blazer, asymmetrical bangs, tilted head.
but hey, everyone, don't let me stop ya, send in photos of yourselves in first grade or post 'em on your blog and let me know.
I dare you too.

oh, if you need to look at photos or other art here's another link. will have a widgit for this soon.

new review/interview

psst. . . hey! you know those guys who call you over, like they know you, but they really just want to hit you up for some money, or suss you out, for a ride to some creepy party, well that's what i feel like sometimes. when i post these thingys about myself.
psst. . . check it out i got a review/interview in this other bloggy thing.
thanks. Laura first sale.


hobo dreaming 36"x24"
jake and i painted this for the first father and son show, bloodscape, and this is my absolute fav, so good. jake really pulled it together, great colors, everything, i wonder where i put it?
oh, yeah don't forget to click on the above image, to make it huge. really huge.



mike hoffman has this painting at his gallery, along with five,six others, all viewable there. the gallery has moved but looks fantastic, can't wait to see it, maybe next summer?

i painted a bunch of these large oil paintings of guys with red shirts, some with robots, some with girls and some with boys and skulls, this painting was used for the card for my show at Flamingo East, Blair W used to have great shows there, Hugh had a wonderful show and Doug had a big show, neither of which i travelled to see, now i wish i had, but at the time, jake was small, and i should have quite my job. Moved out of the house pushed the truck into the lake and moved to the country sooner. again there is an airplane in the skull and stick figures and scribbled out faces, jake taught me how to do that, when he was 2.

thanks Blair

thanks Mike

number six i think

okay okay there is this freaking crazy crying robot trying to pick up some nose less girl, on a black midnight planet, all frosty you know, and like so very dead, you can almost tells she's not going to go for it.
i have some new rules for robots.

love to legalize



look everyone who knows me will attest to this, i don't even smoke, i'm hardcore straightedge.
i don't even take aspirin, i am not a hippy, i don't wear hemp shoes, i am not a vegan, but i can't take this war on drugs, i can't stand the killing in Mexico, to feed the US market, and most of all i can't stand our justice system and our overwhelming prisons.

PROHIBITION ended in 1933, because it was proven not to work, what is wrong with us now, are we this blind. i woke up this morning with a crazy idea to end this right now, i woke up and had to send this out, and i need all the blogger artist and crafty guerrilla knitters and all to help, join in, fight for just one single day, any day, pick a day, i'm not an activist, some one else has to lead, make it February 14 th i don't care, can everyone just blog the words.

LEGALISE IT NOW. anything, something, this small could be all that is needed to end this, now this year.
President Obama help the economy, help our people and all the farmers of the world, end the war on drugs.



i know nobody wants to hear any of this crap, we all just want to sit around being silly, and driving cars, i should know, look at my blog, i'm an idiot, but what the fuck kids, step up, we have a new prez, it's a new era. let's act now, please. isn't a green valentines day hilarious?

when i move to the country

when i finally move to the country i am going to . . .

buy a telescope and show the kids the planets and stars

plant my own orchard, with apples and peaches and pears and plums and figs. Paw-paw.

either find a really great berry patch or plant one, with blackberries and blueberries and salmon berry, all the goose and huckles i could find.

have a really nice view and a great place to hike after breakfast

get some bird houses and rusty tricycles again, with sunflowers and wasps.

hunt for frogs with the boys at midnight, and show them what peepers are.

listen to the crickets, as i fall asleep
make a lot of pies and teach the girls and boys how to shoot bottles with a plinky .22

then i'm going to load up the truck and take all the monsters to the drive-in and watch crappy movies with ugly teenagers, popcorn fingers and so much noise nobody within miles of us will know what the movie is about,

but me, i'll know, this is what the movie is about. sitting on a fold-up lawn chair with a root beer and some kids pointing to the stars or the lightning bugs.

fucking hicks.

i love you.

valentiness day my baby

hey baby, happy valentines day, can you believe all the fun, the magic, and kids we have, love you this mush, ha ha ha.

p.s. you can stop crying now.

i'd rather be dead in a ditch

four foot square oil painting, located at Tim and Kelly's house, always has been, very nice of them to keep it around, they have a big living room, so it shouldn't be a problem, it looks very lovely,

there with all the toy cars and natural light.

the subject was my old '51 ford, a car i only ever drove home and worked on mildly for years, what a great car, i just wish i had the commitment time to really love it and work on it, i had wanted to paint it sea foam green again, and make it a driver, just cruise to the beach no windows, am radio, off a cliff, rolled. a fire ball, ocean waves, a sunset finale

endless road trips.

with icy cokes, root beer, sunglasses, and you.

ten things i would bring in my spaceship

if i ever really build my spaceship, or if perhaps NASA, or some other space agency finally gets us to space, this is what i would bring, if they let me on board, they might, i'm low maintenance to a degree, but maybe i'm too tall,

1. my family, but sadly not the puppies.

2. my rifle, even though i'm on the fence when it comes to guns

3. maybe some nice slacks

4. toys for the kids

5. gifts, for the aliens, you know like some nice rings, a hat, nail polish, something for the

shelf, small busts of famous humans.

6. could i bring my van?

7. my ipod i guess.

8. wait this sounds like a camping trip, marshmallows.

9. money? is everything paid for, or what?

10. gum, for sure, i like to chew gum in the late mornings, ten eleven o'clock.

11. snacks, fireballs, definitely, some chocolate, m&ms, potato chips{wise} and some green tea, okay.

we lived in big cities together

a painting about me and Adam T.
after Hugh had moved to Paris, NN had gone to FLA, and Tanyth had been travelling to milan and london. i was left untethered to that far away lost city, and Adam dragged me along with him, where, we would fight and wrestle and throw each other into the streets, eat breakfast at 3:31, under purple skies and i had to go to work, find a cab, and count the change in my pockets. jump the train and drink a regular coffee. I love that guy, that's why the painting exists.

guns are not the problem part 4

you see, Dashiell and i had gone to the park, referred to as spider park by us, because we had never been there before, and didn't' know the real name, except that it was all gangsters and lowrider Chevy's, not really a kid friendly place. but the city and some huge coffee chain had spent billions rebuilding the castle and the equipment, so Dashiell and i went, some beautiful sunny day with lots of kids and laughter. until this cherry red 30inch rim speakers bumping impala, squeals around the corner and pop pop pop pop, like six or seven shoots go off, car doors fly open and i grab dash and dive behind the climby fire engine and more shots are fired and i yell to all the oblivious kids to get down and then panic, everyone starts running, and i see some maniac running two feet from us and all theses little kids, with a hand gun pointed back over to the street and a car with the doors laid open, bass heavy, maybe he's just going to push his kids on the swing, and Dashiell and i break for the street and duck for cover behind a Volvo, and these two kids run up to me, crying, can we hide with you? and i grab them and cover them all up, behind the wheel.
that's why it's called shoot out park.


from the top
dashiell at hobuck beach with chris

my favorite cars

yellow car painted on panel, i keep forgetting to give this to Adam S, everybody likes cars, except people hit by one or crushed or trapped beneath one, cars are funny and sit inside your memory like bombs.
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