when jake was a baby and i was a self obsessed young man who painted everyday and everywhere we went i would carry his little book and he and i would draw together- while eating driving, flying in jets and sitting around on beaches-
when he was about four years old, i had left him watching a science program about the planets, and had fallen asleep behind him on the couch, while he worked on the coffee table drawing-
when i woke up- he had painted these planets with paint sticks and crayons-
"those are the planets dad-"
i've kept them hung in my living room ever since-
to remind me that if i could ever paint this well i'd be truly one of the greats-
thanks jake-
off at art school-
this is what the zen posers call beginners mind and where i try to live everyday but it's so damn hard

plastic bag trick

Update alert- this trick is titled Vegan fly trap- and it really has worked everywhere it has been tried.
the Quilyute ladies at Lonesome Creek told me, years ago, that putting a plastic bag filled with water in the doorway will keep those pesky flies from circling the rooms- so today i tried it at my house and Henry and Kat's

at my house the experiment is a raging success, all the flies are gone- how ? why ?

H+K's house- keeping the flies at bay will help their Victorian Gothic home from looking way too possessed and haunted
does anyone know why this trick seems to work ?
i refuse to google things or research shit like this- the mystery is always so much more interesting

On a side/completely unrelated note, yesterday a convenience store clerk was murdered out in Ballard, Wa, some evil idiot came in and just shot this poor guy-
so just for the record i would like to state the case for outlawing convenience stores- and i know you think i'm trying to be funny but if you know me- you'll know i mean it, this goes with my raging straightedgness-
who are you people who need cigarettes and beer and shitty cupcakes at four am, fuck you -stay home- you bastards killed some guy working his way through college-


blackberry tips

if you're going out into the fields and roadside jungles i thought i would just lay a little word of advice-

and before i say anything-let me state that i have seen you all doing this-be warned against your own denial, and i am addressing myself too-
if you are berry poaching in a populated location never pick berries lower than pecker height (PH)
bums/college kids, will have peed on all the good berries- yes they have- i've seen them- i've been them
you can not wash pee off of fruits and berries,
you must bush whack to find the choicest plumpies
any berries you can easily spot are soiled-any berries your kids can reach have been touched and fondled
you can only go out into the forests and fields, abandoned farms and deep country roads to berry hunt-
or catch HepC
on a lighter note the berries i found at Yuki's house with fruit the size of plums and so perfect in every way that i had to pick millions, thirty feet in the air from ladders risking my very life to bring home and not even eat but plant in the unplated land behind my studio- so that now or very soon i too will have these magic giants
thank you-
and enjoy the pie-

handmade weapons and Party knife

back when i had the greatest job in the world i created handmade weapons to use on my co-workers

this little baby was modeled after the tomahawk- or two-headed ax

i named it the face scraper

i was going to have a show of weapons- made in the prison of work, to be used against the animals i had work with me, but something about my personality and these creations frightened the kids and my wife- so i retired my collection

this is the famous party knife- you may have heard of-

the name you maybe wondering about ? well it's called the party knife so that when the party gets out of hand you whip this bad boy out and wow, parties over-
kids scatter-
ladies scream

party knife standing on my surfboard
this party knife lives in my van, for traffic problems, roadside hassles, campground bickering, and hunting
the matching knife lives in my studio
attacks unruly art work and hides from me

Santa Cruz part 2

the wonderful Hot Mike has become a reporter for this here blog and these are all his photos, thanks Mike-
Dashiell on the rocks
there they go- newly weds-smiling

abandoned child near the dance floor

bad dad in a very nice shirt

Hot Mike is Forests real dad, so he can give him nuggies

my family cutting the rug as they used to say in skynnered country

Michelle and baby Forest

Dashiell, the ring bearer rocking the job in green shoes

yeah !

poor hairy wiener after his surgery- poor guy- so sad
thanks Mike and good luck to the little guy

Santa Cruz

the happy couple cutting the pie- maybe they should open the pie shop
we drove straight down to San Jose to meet hot mike at the airport and got there really early, Me and Michelle my trucker wife,drinking coffee driving from dusk till dawn listening to tapes, so i wake up, hearing something old, like hardcore or phish

this is not a trail is just perfect, apparently all the land around big sur is private property, and some amazing and isolated beaches going to wild waste so everyone just climbs around the fences and explores

Forest and i, on his first carny ride, could i be any larger, fucking giants flying dragons with kidnapped babies

this is and always has been my favorite ride, so primitive and 1920's with all the lights and chains, bucket seats and paintings on the ceiling, Dasheills fav too

Toby and the boys watering his garden, they love him and they love playing with water- they grow some short girthy carrots down there-

look at Forest's little hand

i was in the wedding party so there are no upfront photos of the wedding, we'll have to wait for the real photos, i was the incredibly late, lost, best worst man, jesus, what a great wedding though, everyone was so beautiful and Toby's speech was just perfect and no,i do not have photos of the infamous pie room, filled with about thirty, hand built custom individually flavored pies, i ate five slices- being polite

Dashiell climbing a tree to escape the land squirrels/rats

my boys love to throw stuff, so were all throwing rocks, into the big sur river, i tried to teach them to skim, but as soon as i turned around, Forest tried to break Dasheills knee with a boulder

note the white back on that guy, yuck

it took me 16 months to get my first hug from that baby and in less than three days, Toby gets the lov'n

Monterrey Bay Aquarium- and the huge deep water tank-Mee Mee snuck in, because we're too cheap to pay thirty bucks a piece

we went to the bodega everyday to get ice cream, here we are sitting on the front steps of Toby and Suzanne's new life

the gang heading off to SF and yes i am vogueing- don't we all look feral

Andrew Molera State park, no waves, but a lovely beach and camp site, very quiet though, i wouldn't recommend bringing a screaming baby- but we did

good morning bunny

Big Sur look out

people like to sign trees but i don't know why

the glory of my favorite ride, Victorian in it's new electric lights and dominate chains

Forest would have watched the log flume Loggers Revenge, all night- every time a log peeked over the hump, he'd point and get all wide eyed

did i mention how cute Toby and Suzanne are ?

Toby's favorite surfer magazine cover of all time

detail- what the hell- a robotic knight with a bloody sword riding a robotic sled about to crash into some monster while getting shacked-

we ate a lot of Halibut, taco's, breakfast scramble, steaks, all of which they caught right off the coast- delicious

headland morning hike, after i tried to find the 2000 foot hike trail head, but couldn't

i bombed the Henry Miller Library's front door, they are closed Tuesday's, and every time i drop by, they have some great paintings of his inside and lots of books- and now they have mine

marine layer invasion

ground squirrels invade- the camp site has millions, they tried to take my son for his cookie- and they don't like dogs

throwing rocks and looking for Mountain Lions, Dasheill asked if we could see one- no,

they have a preference for children, yum

jelly fish explosion

tiny sea dragons

cutest couple on the west coast sorry

my ride out front of their wonderful cottage- could i live here? hell yeah, all we do is ride bikes and go to the beach and eat

Dashiell's bike with hand drawn GPS system which leads him to the circle market for gum and ice cream

we had a huge bike gang rolling deep and stopping traffic- yeah

thanks Suzanne-

thanks Toby and congratulations

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