when jake was a baby and i was a self obsessed young man who painted everyday and everywhere we went i would carry his little book and he and i would draw together- while eating driving, flying in jets and sitting around on beaches-
when he was about four years old, i had left him watching a science program about the planets, and had fallen asleep behind him on the couch, while he worked on the coffee table drawing-
when i woke up- he had painted these planets with paint sticks and crayons-
"those are the planets dad-"
i've kept them hung in my living room ever since-
to remind me that if i could ever paint this well i'd be truly one of the greats-
thanks jake-
off at art school-
this is what the zen posers call beginners mind and where i try to live everyday but it's so damn hard


  1. I honestly think child art is the purest form of art around. I love my kids work and have it framed and hanging all around the house.

  2. Kids are fools.
    Lucky bastards
    And again your words are butter to read.
    I don’t know exactly what that means,
    but someone does.
    I also share a large bit of your ‘Van’ notion and
    have since forever. I didn’t want to tell you because it
    is yours. Well, yours and others. Mine, as probably does
    yours, extends to any living possible modual with wheels.
    There were many in the neighborhood we used to live in.
    Lots of room for overnight parking.
    I still like to stare at these things and wonder what a
    day would be like. eating and organizing. or
    not eating and organizing.
    Some of these beasts are, of course, held together with string and
    toys and tarps and bikes and plywood. Beautiful to look at.
    I will take pictures of them for you and me.
    Not that they would be any different than the beasts
    you see in your travels, but maybe so.
    I got that, just load up that piece of shit and
    see how, where and why it gets us.
    The hobo hard on.
    But of course its totally pussy to just talk about it.
    As I always do.. Too late.
    be well


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