puto mas

Seattle dawn patrol from the ferry deck- Wenatchee- which in Salish means robe of rainbows-

The city was so hot for so long and swimming in the tepid lake was really depressing with all the no parking and bikini girls and boys and police boats, my house was 95 degrees at midnight- so i went to the beach instead and stayed for four days of marine layer chill, ice cold waves and fucking twilight teenie boopers and their mom's asking me what beach this was-
sweat jesus- now i hate novels-people and dogs-
that said we had some sweet surf, the exact same swell four days in a row, super high tides and man, i had some lovely little rights all to myself, light breezes, glassy mornings little fish everywhere, i saw a big salmon leap-
a little girl asked me if i had seen the whale ?
i am the whale- i told her

root ball crows-they lay up waiting for dog food and early morning camp site raids-they know all the campers sleep in-get drunk the night before and leave all their food out- a feast

this hot dog was asking for it-kind of made me throw up though looking at it- like a wild dead finger

slug in a pie pan with a horrible open wound- yucky- tell my sister not to look did you know slugs chew their own penis's off after they mate- fucking crazy androgynous

the view from my van- like a fleetwood-mac song or something

zen puddle

there's a burn ban- which sucked- it was so cold at the beach just like in the winter we all hide in our vans and went to bed super early

grave marker and lean to- dirty south

tell me that that thing doesn't look like a schmeckle

lets all pretend la push is a surf spot -i surfed 3 times every day without looking-breakfast-lunch and dinner

graffiti bunker-
did you know -the Quileute name for white people is Hoquat- which means floating house boat people-
there is a great book about a Russian fur ship that crashes onto Realto beach and the crew has to fight the Quileute all the way south to the Ho river, and all end up as slaves-some get rescued years later-the western tribes had slaves, great book- i think it's titled, The st.Nickolas
a good book because it has the Russian's version and the Quileute oral history version

more little flag poems on the way to the Quileute cemetery-spooky at seven in the morning with crows screaming at me-

i don't want to read the poem that goes with this photo- neither do you

what ? you need more ? holy crap-

little blurry flag poem

someone threw the french flag on the ground

the most disgusting thing in the whole world- beat up booty full of mud and sand and toe shavings in a warm broth of sea water and sweaty death stewed up in a plastic box and then frozen- slipped on at six am- stupid

and the dogs-


  1. Just wanted you to know that I looked at this video like 150 times and it wants to have some dialogue. it truly seems as though they are trying to get some point across with each other. What is it? Hell, you were there!
    Dogs are very important. Why is that? By the way somebody sent me this place and I went and put some stuff up. Just another, of the five million places to open your zipper.
    Might be interesting.
    Love and more

  2. oh man, "robe of rainbows" sounds really cool


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