mr. Williams vs bulldozer

right, so the Armenian's and the Georgians showed up- and i asked if i could come over and take pictures, so the old guy tucks his shirt in and stands straight, you take my picture- he smiles-

but i have my magic camera- it doesn't work on people i tell him-
i creep around taking photos upstairs and in the basement and all over but the shoe stash was much too dark- i threw all the kids shoes out the window and snapped these-later - Mr. Williams kept a lot of kids shoes in the basement

fancy- Sunday shoes and sneakers

another lunch pail- this one with a modified handle

and still triple lined with wax paper- as though he's going to lunch tomorrow

the Missus Shoes in delicate pink tissue- the color stabs me in the eye and punctures my heart

Mr. Williams keeps taking pieces of me with him into the grave

don't ask me if this is his family- i can't tell- the dad could be Mr. Williams, but i never heard of three boys with dirty shoes-

i found some photos today, i searched everywhere and will go back- i need to find the stash-the Armenians come up and asked what i was looking for, and i told them about the hidden photos, and they laugh and tell me to shut the door when i leave.
most of the photos aren't labeled- do your grand kids and nosey neighbors a favor and write every ones name on the back of every photo

i love these two girl and whacked old guy holding up a sandwich . . .

somebody wrote some names down- usually from out of state and not Williams

i think grandma is having a horrible birthday -with two grand kids -

i'd sure like to step into this shot and eat some pink frosted chocolate cake with thin layers and washed down with some. . . i don't know. . . tears

happy birthday grandma when your dead, dad's going to give your home to the bank who will hand it over to eastern Europeans who will invite a Japanese bulldozer to rip your ghosts out by the roots and plant dull middle class American asses on your dreams
bury me barefoot too will ya-

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