paint and paddle

the bridge to fire escape 2010
the perfect day for me would unfold, just like today, wake up early, go for a paddle and finish a bunch of new paintings~ if you could throw a surf in, the world would be perfectbrilliant eagle skull has a word with skull 2010

the wet coast has a severe deficit of, in your face Puerto Rico tranny's

the map i use to drive across the united states of America 17 times and more, this July

now all i have to do is pick up the kids, play video games, slack line, read a million bed time stories and blog about a life in perfect cycles

art and SUP new auto related post over here~

baby forest loves the sand and rolling around, in the background, in the copse you can see three different slack lines, we tried them all

You're disguised as a sparrow 2010

the gang of boys at golden gardens chasing girls with water balloons and getting breaded

UNI-STORK painting

great accidental colors connections on the palate

the five steps to painting, draw it out

color it up

add some detail

fine tune, out line hash it, harsh it, and stare, call Ms. Michelle to eyeball it, she tells me when these are done, or when i've ruined them

add signature, if there's room, walk away
The New Man, Cascadian 2010

primed a bunch of scrape wood D. Henry, pulled out of her basement, thnx

my favorite brush, abused and flattened

no use~

favorite trail to prostitute park

i truly love street art

so rare in this city, the artsy types only bomb the hipster streets and avenues, snobs, all of them

the greens are popp'n all over town, maybe spring really is here, finally

most beautiful flower, ever, all you poser tulips and buttery dandelions can go wilt somewhere

i took my lady to the Sound to go stand up paddling, beautiful day, warm, a bit windy but no freighters swell, but we did find the mythical point break, well someone showed it to us and an old lady confirmed it, from the beach

standing on the bar, with eagles and SUP

you know what this is

little kelps and things aquatic, MEE-MEE couldn't keep her face out of the water, she should have been on Calypso

the sky was wild, with big thunderheads and roiling giant white plumage, and sharp blues and sunshine, so nice here today

drivin' and dork'n

Wife, that's right ladies, i'm taken. . .

bumped out flatties

i check the webcams/wavecams every morning and every evening, to see what i'm missing, i check ; La Push, West Port, PA, PT, Bethany, Rehobeth, OC, Santa Cruz, but my favorite is still sunsets, and dawn patrol's icy sharp clarity

the new women explodes beneath the city

this is my newest painting~ i had to ask Mee-Mee not to leave me, before i could bear to show it to her
this is the same painting with Ms. Michelle peeking, it looks better from back here

aerial view w/ ping-pong table work easel,
for your information, it is very hard to paint flat like this

the new women explodes beneath the city

the pool~ when it's closed

worked last night into this morning, until 5 am, slept in, a touch and then had to prep a few boards to paint on, this is a little filler~ the pool~ when it's closed
Jake painted this, first painting and scary

the east wall of Studio X

detail from . . . the new man
going out hunting for hollow core doors this weekend, and Craig's list, need more surface

a filthy book about milk

today i tried to paint a painting that would make me throw up, something distasteful, disgusting and disappointing, this is what i came up with, A book about milk, suicide and cats

all of these paintings must be painted with three fingers, these three found brushes, but only three, economically, a bare minimum of natural resources used, don't waste time, don't waste my eyes~ don't be cute, keep your mouth shut, and paint


logs of our fathers

here's a little peek into my studio, for all of you long distance viewers, who can't stop by, for tea, art viewing or ping~pong
east wall of my space, yesterday, i gave Jake his first painting lesson, today, it's Dashiell's turn

everything i'm not 2010

cake tank 2010

logs of our fathers 2010

depressed northwest surfer guy, two black eyes, bumped out, raining, cold and has to be at work in an hour,

black dog barking at life and being barked at by bird,

the new girls~ from future cemeteries
thanks for viewing, all you locals, i expect to see you next month, around the corner
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