a plan ?

i was just wondering~ does the USA, which is a collective representing us,
do we have any long range plans, i never hear anyone talking about next year, ten years, twenty, a hundred, where are we going as a people, a nation, a world ?

it looks as though, with the economy and all these stupid wars, that we wont be going out to mars, or the moon, or space at all, not as a people anyway, maybe with machines and eyes
i know at one point we had that whole, crazy manifest destiny thing going on, thank god, the Canadian army stopped us, and the Mexicans invaded and subjugated us, thank god again !

so what are we going to do, retire, play golf, read

any one have any idea ? i need a long range goal, should i be saving pennies or socks or something

you don't think we're just flailing around, making babies and eating up resources~ do you ?

i know that we're not building any long term monuments, unless it could be highways and flat spots on lands, where are our pyramids, Parthenon's, or Stonehenge's machupicchu, Angkor Wat's ? not that we have to build anything to have a plan, but come on, TV isn't a long term goal of a people, nor is acquiring wealth, hording riches or shopping
perhaps as Europe has become the EU, North and South America can unite and form a Mondo~Nueva, united in economy, culture, cash,drugs, defense and fruit

we need a bigger dream than tomorrow mornings coffee pot, next years holiday, the kids moving out

should we be mastering ourselves, building better humans, uniting our nations, in peaceful pursuit, can we grow me some wings, gills, webbed fingers, super powers, esp, telekenesis, monosexuality, giant brains~ come one humanity think of something to reach for

build some robots, build us a new god~ or two, time machines, a paradise on earth

something, anything~can we talk to whales or dolphins ? can we grow some big trees~ a city under the waves~ food in pill form, poop in pill form~ help me out here

i need to tell the kids what their kids can look forward to,

a hope~ a dream~ something beyond our reach~ more distant than stars
* * * * * * * * * *
all art work borrowed from the pulp novel/comic
The Invaders: alien missile threat by paul s. newman
created by larry cohen
artist uncredited

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