tree of the week

topped and hacked at by public utilities this mid~sized hag, sits over along side the Madison Safeway, ignored
ankles and belly billowing over sidewalks, threatening pedestrian and automobile alike

as some inverted octopie, with fern necklace

this city doesn't have too many large trees within it's crusty walls, the whole west coast was logged out fairly recently, and then of course all the hills were blown flat with water cannon and man sized ideas of incline, one hundred years ago this place was one huge mud field, stabbed through with blackberry

a large canopied tree within the cities streets is a very hard thing to photograph, i think one must use a large format camera, but the step back distance may be too great, i'll see what i can do.
spring still pops from these hideous branches

this week i've been reading an amazing book, which is too large to read properly, they should publish a pocket sized version for us smaller folk, sans coffee table
Meetings with remarkable trees
Thomas Pakenham
well, written, poetic, full of quotation, old prints and new photographs, wonderful narrative, historical, focused, loaded with all the things that i love in a book, story telling, truth and grace
a word i rarely get to speak.
this book goes from here, out to you with high recommendations

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  1. Beautiful pictures and desciptive lines to go with it.Also loved the moss roof's.It is pure poetry,I almost feel like I am there seeing it live.Pucci


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