stairway to nowhere

love the hand writing and cardboard sign, as though the very house is begging for humans
if i were a young novelist trying to write my first book of poetry this is where i would live- and the sign says FREE RADIO and access to things like bath and living rm
i'm laughing, when i snapped the pix, i didn't see that

i wish with all my heart that the city had never blacktopped over these wonderful hand laid bricks, could you imagine the expense, and man hours required, before the dreaded automobile and it's bumpy balloon tires shitty shocks and struts demanded smoothness-

the Seattle Taliban- grows a shit load of poppies and they all have little slice marks on them

i love this house and the fact that it has been parked in their driveway for years, up on blocks, like their working on the brakes or tranny

a little white store front- where the proprietor only sells marshmallows, milk, steamed rice, crack, cocaine, teeth, paper and cum

with a name like this how could it ever have gone out of business- say it aloud-
custom cherry cleaners
i want to raise my children in this building, no walls and roller skates

i don't know what this place sells- nightmares ? scabs- black plastic curtains -cardboard shoes- ?

this big tree cost the tax payers 450,000 dollars to build a fence around and a make believe recreated habitat, wet land, and still not a single frog lives in lake Washington

a very nice old style gas station, which will soon be demolished- the past is like lint to this town,

i don't know why there exists a Bob Dylan bush, but here it is.

trails to bums

stairs to air

it looks like a lovely walk so pastoral- like a snippet of Christina's world

if life was more fiction like, i could walk these stairs and go talk to god, if such a beast could exist, if life was more scifi like, i could walk these stairs to the very stars and talk to an alien god, shaped like a whale with legs and giant squidy hands- maybe she would hug me and feed me and take me home

some very nice car clutter listed below, just click on

newest fanzine available

it's a woodblock printed cover of a foldable origami style fanzine coloring book

zine among the flowers, front yard art just can't be beat ya'll

the kids love 'em, they wouldn't let me color them and then you know Forest throws everything on the floor

i discovered that, i'm a really good crayonist, i'm going to put that on my resume- coloring book pro-

unfolded- and uncolored- this little zine is titled
click this link to see more or to look at my Artfire studio- i know, what ? more self promotion, geez.

gang of logs

Dashiell in love with fire works- oh boy

M+E in love behind the berm- looking for whales and pie

Little Mee-Mee and Forest holding shi-dog the second they woke up, sorry

a very pensive boy-trying to figure out the whole world with his eyes and mouth

M+E looking posh and waiting for the Nor'easters

T+S eating, all we do at the beach is eat and scramble around in the water- sit on a log-go for a hike-eat-chop things up- walk to the creek-catch beaver fever

incognito- wind protected- making tea, Suzane drinks more tea than i, is it even possible ?

so happy to be back, but next week i need to pack more snacks- best camp builder- ever

Hot Mike- need i say more-

Emma at the card table, we need to bring cards next week too- something for the kids and a big umbrella- love the Welly's

their vans are posted below at the van blog- click out of here

La Push is home

Quiluete river looking north toward Rialto beach

giant tree blocking highway 101 at lake Crescent
dog patrol with wet paws

campfire archeology-

giant root balls- huge logs and whole trees wash up every winter, with the rains and the huge fall swells

Dashiell lighting smoke bombs and bottle rockets, without bottles with report

camp cupcake used to be around here, after that came camp starfish, we didn't throw rocks at rocks, but we did build rocks forts- that high tide destroyed and kept us awake

i thought i would take you on a little tour of what we've been doing for the last nine years every weekend, camping in the log jam, at the north end of first beach, i usually lay up in the van, behind the soft ball diamond, but it has been bulldozed and meta morphed to an RV park

dawn patrol hike, there's a great book about the first howquats* to land here, grounded their boat and had to fight all the way south, in the 18th century, ended up in slavery, a few are saved years later, great book- can't remember the title, Russian sailors, St. Nikolaus or something

zero dog and shi-shi dog, dawn patrolling- pooping in waves rolling in dead things

log jam spiders ? giant whale dags ? Orca moustache?

yeah, the boys on the beach, sunburned ears, sandy butts, very happy

ocean going hand carved canoes- these things are really massive solid chunks of cedar, the Quileute paddled these out to sea, to hunt whales and fight the Makah-the whale eaters

life in the log jam- now you know how good it is

someone found a dead harbor porpoise and stole the jaw bone, with fur

dog tracks in the sand- the dogs insisted on following me- barking, biting me, and chewing each others ass

* floating houseboat people, white men and women

really old painting above bed

this is a really old painting of mine hanging over the bed of Gordon Taylor, a lovely man who i haven't seen in years, isn't it nice that he still cherishes my work, i'm clapping, thank you, good show
on an arty side note, being ignored, snubbed and unviewed at Etsy has been so much fun that i have opened another Mt. Octopus, this time over at Artfire- a place just like etsy only user friendly- i think- check it out-or not
i need to be ignored on two sites, how's that ?

potluck ideas

i went to school with Dasheill and Mee-Mee to help out, i love going to school, it's such a self contained world, when i'm there it feels like there is no news, no economy, just the kids and the excitement- i helped the kindergarten kids build funny shaped beads-really wonderful color
i forgot to read the name of this park at the very north end of Capital Hill, nice park full of Salmon berries, and crows, a stray jogger, and lots of stairs-

this park cuts back up toward the cemetery where years ago, hiking i passed a bunch of young boys walking up the trail, without shirts and guns in their arms, a little disconcerting, but this is the West
you better come armed too

this is the exact type of house i'm going to buy when i move to the country again, maybe in better shape, maybe some paint- i want it nice and flat, in a field of wild flowers and vegetable gardens- is that such a crazy desire- just so sick of the city- and the shitiness and this isn't even a city really

remember Daly's, we used to order fish sandwiches here and play pinball while waiting- some fond summer memories down here at eastlake- i guess when the economy turns around this whole block will become some concrete and parking corrugated steel condos, great

this is the exact spot where we all used to live, the hole in the ground is my studio, and where Jake began to draw, i had a 1951 Ford club coupe parked out front, with the flathead engine in the living room-

i love this life of morning hikes afternoon swims- evening work and kid time- i always run into people-yesterday i ran into Nicole's boyfriend Houng, and man, he's intense, like myself when a kid, really wild, though he's much more physical, he rides eight hours a day and then swims and skates, he's almost straight edge and you can see it in his dialogue, so crazy, like mine, really sincere- oh, yeah he means it, i gave him my number, he wants me to tight line walk with him, and fuck yeah, he rides off and i walk laughing, damn he really is great-
and he calls- jesus, nobody calls- he's set up the ribbon-
so i bring the kids and he's surrounded by bums and drifters over at Telletubie park (cal anderson) he has his bike on the grass barefoot and strong walking the line and Dashiell and i spend hours with him, Dashiell is a natural and wow- this is what he and i think an education should be-
what if this was your early education, you hiked around in the mornings, into the forests, into the hills, down the coast, studying physical activities, as in hiking, biking, skating swimming, climbing, all the while, speaking secret languages, as seconds, then thirds, Spanish, french, Vietnamese, other than your parents, while exploring the world around you, as a kid, campfire songs, for music class, backpacking, tent living, foraging, hands on living, life math and reading, with small tight groups in the wild. i live this life now, Toby has lived it for years, Houng is exploding with it- this incredible life
i'll be teaching Van 101, art and frog catching-paper airplane theory
some crazy purity- dislocated from society- this is all i need
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