La Push is home

Quiluete river looking north toward Rialto beach

giant tree blocking highway 101 at lake Crescent
dog patrol with wet paws

campfire archeology-

giant root balls- huge logs and whole trees wash up every winter, with the rains and the huge fall swells

Dashiell lighting smoke bombs and bottle rockets, without bottles with report

camp cupcake used to be around here, after that came camp starfish, we didn't throw rocks at rocks, but we did build rocks forts- that high tide destroyed and kept us awake

i thought i would take you on a little tour of what we've been doing for the last nine years every weekend, camping in the log jam, at the north end of first beach, i usually lay up in the van, behind the soft ball diamond, but it has been bulldozed and meta morphed to an RV park

dawn patrol hike, there's a great book about the first howquats* to land here, grounded their boat and had to fight all the way south, in the 18th century, ended up in slavery, a few are saved years later, great book- can't remember the title, Russian sailors, St. Nikolaus or something

zero dog and shi-shi dog, dawn patrolling- pooping in waves rolling in dead things

log jam spiders ? giant whale dags ? Orca moustache?

yeah, the boys on the beach, sunburned ears, sandy butts, very happy

ocean going hand carved canoes- these things are really massive solid chunks of cedar, the Quileute paddled these out to sea, to hunt whales and fight the Makah-the whale eaters

life in the log jam- now you know how good it is

someone found a dead harbor porpoise and stole the jaw bone, with fur

dog tracks in the sand- the dogs insisted on following me- barking, biting me, and chewing each others ass

* floating houseboat people, white men and women

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  1. I just got back from there. I miss it already.


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