so the rats in this town have taught themselves to chew a hole in the trash can lids, public and private. maybe with a little help from the squirrels, i figure a few of them must have been trapped inside and chewed their way out and then Bamm ! it hit them, chew our way in, and now they all do it
i went to a Westfalia gathering this last weekend and parked beside my twin, van, not driver. more photos and verbs over at blownbrown, my car and van blog- http://blownbrown.blogspot.com/

for some reason the right hand side of city trash bins, are always the side the rats chew through

i like this shot, you can see some tufts of rat fur on the plastic, disgusting

Garfield High School sports field is apparently run by rats, don't fall asleep here, i can't help wondering what they like to eat, chicken ? Doritos, what do high school kids throw out, while indulging in sports and sport viewing ? Lunch sandwich's grandma makes, liverwurst, tuna salad, does anyone eat headcheese, baloney, or weeniebeenies ?
i mean beside,

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