i even gross myself out

the second of my hand paintings. . . I've got you in . . .
and again through my distortion device

hand plane mania
i shouldn't paint men either
the monsters
werewolf girl [ fmn]

now i'm going to throw up

i put paintings in fields

i tried to glass these hand planes
but glassing is very hard
and the white of the blanks was really dirty and the cloth was also filthy and i ran out of time
then i painted this / to stick in the field around the corner / i know it's a little obvious / but street art needs to be pretty simple
it is after all going to be destroyed by men with chainsaws / or bombs / and fire
that's all i got baby~


damn flower hating developers

i was able to use the show signs after all~

I'm number none

. . .from the series titled. . . i am not allowed to paint girls. . .

you know my name~

destroy art day arrives early

one of the greatest things about placing art out in the streets, is the unknown reactions art can inspire~
for my art this reaction is usually something grand and destructive~ like for instance~ not just mowing a wildflower field~ but bulldozing the mother fucking flowers~ in some grand fuck you to anything wild~ anything beautiful~ anything free from the walls of commerce and rules of what art can be / where living things hide
this broken pile of stands with a wilted stack of photography / an after thought of destruction / a second of guilt perhaps / a man steps off a huge yellow machine and looks at his destruction
what is left of art / a wrecked picture of a field / in a crushed field
crushed & trampled
ground down
my favorite word smooshed
they've actually bulldozed daisies~ in some grand sense this act must be a crime~

i'm going to cry or laugh~


beware of the flowers II

after i hung this show, i stood back and realized that it looked so good that i couldn't put the show signs i had made ~ up, i couldn't even bring out one of the many NE!L signs i have~
this creation looked so good that all i could do~ was just walk away

instead of a zine {fanzine} to all you oldsters, this post will have to be your catalog
enjoy the art
my neighbor wrote a little blurb about the show listed below ~ link out and support those who support





four-hundred dollars OBO

old lady holding art for me~ nice

yes, handgrenade /school-chair/ socks
but i make exceptions

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