destroy art day arrives early

one of the greatest things about placing art out in the streets, is the unknown reactions art can inspire~
for my art this reaction is usually something grand and destructive~ like for instance~ not just mowing a wildflower field~ but bulldozing the mother fucking flowers~ in some grand fuck you to anything wild~ anything beautiful~ anything free from the walls of commerce and rules of what art can be / where living things hide
this broken pile of stands with a wilted stack of photography / an after thought of destruction / a second of guilt perhaps / a man steps off a huge yellow machine and looks at his destruction
what is left of art / a wrecked picture of a field / in a crushed field
crushed & trampled
ground down
my favorite word smooshed
they've actually bulldozed daisies~ in some grand sense this act must be a crime~

i'm going to cry or laugh~


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