beware of the flowers

the weather has finally cooperated and has graciously given us two days of sunshine
and i can finally put my art show up ~in my little field
beware of the flowers @ 17th and between Yesler and Fir, Seattle, WA
this plot of land was for sale, has sat empty for decades and now as you can witness~ it is overgrown with flowers ~ wild and other wise
come walk these little paths
you can hear it ringing from here
she packs her bags/ i burn her bags
small actual analog photography prints produced at the lab not some computer printer~

the title of this show is a great old punker song from the early eighties or seventies, you can look it up for yourself~ the band guys name was Oddoway and Ferret.

a quickie~ till more and the sun comes up



  1. Glad to see yu are up and running.Great idea for show.pucci

  2. so cute and tiny

  3. Very nice, wish I could have seen it!


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