Subcomandante Marcos

went for a three hour hike today and found concrete and shadow
the in between worlds of driving across to get to somewhere else

where people without places to sleep, sleep, and make their beds

hang their underwear up to dry

a broken place~ painted and burned down

places people in cars don't see~ the radio is too loud

everything is closed~ sold or for rent~ something new is always coming, more bars, nightclubs and restaurants

this is what architects do all day long~ they model the future
displayed in storefront windows
look what i can build~ a future without life

a Utopian world of giant nag chammpa

the city, the state~and the nice looking people want to bury this freeway, called the Viaduct~ they claim that it is unsafe from tomorrows earthquake~
while the truth is~ actually that it's just plain utilitarian, like cold war office parks and housing barracks, it's out of style~ too grey~ too depressing

this massive structure is being nibbled away

the Viaduct w/ parking~ future car crusher
the state and city are going to replace this behemoth with a deep bore tunnel, with any cost over runs falling on Seattle home owners, but that shouldn't be a problem
after the earthquake nothing here will have any value to tax

dolls and manikins magnets to my eyes~

extra credit: insert photo of guy in ski mask smoking cool 50's pipe and speaking into a megaphone surrounded by people, like you and me, only poor

"Yes, Marcos is gay. Marcos is gay in San Francisco, black in South Africa, an Asian in Europe, a Chicano in San Ysidro, an anarchist in Spain, a Palestinian in Israel, a Mayan Indian in the streets of San Cristobal, a Jew in Germany, a Gypsy in Poland, a Mohawk in Quebec, a pacifist in Bosnia, a single woman on the Metro at 10pm, a peasant without land, a gang member in the slums, an unemployed worker, an unhappy student and, of course, a Zapatista in the mountains. Marcos is all the exploited, marginalised, oppressed minorities resisting and saying `Enough'. He is every minority who is now beginning to speak and every majority that must shut up and listen. He is every untolerated group searching for a way to speak. Everything that makes power and the good consciences of those in power uncomfortable -- this is Marcos."
subcamandante Marcos~
i used to have a crumpled up copy of this answer to the question of subcammander Marcos's sexual orientation, but i lost it, my copy had a few lines about writers without readers and artists without galleries, which i just loved, when i was a member of P.I.L.A. and uncle bighead used to send me manifesto's weakly denouncing himself~
and as always remember the three R's

street treatment

this show has been up for a few days now and this is the most damage, some angry bankrupt developer pushed over my proposal sign
all of these pieces have been painted on recycled material and built with found, wood and paints

all of these paintings are from a series of Fatwas against cute, the culture of cute art and adorable paintings must be overcome~ again

the world of art must grow up and embrace real emotion. deal with complex desires

and of course~ UNI-STORK

all of these paintings have titles and sizes and mediums and nobody really needs this type of info

paintings on doors have killed me, the vertical rectangle is impossibly hard to compose

the streets need more art~ free art~ the gallery format has failed~ walls and ceilings bind~
this is a painting~
here it is~ your eyes may linger, or fall
i have no control but thanks

paintings abandoned in fields

this is the link to my purely art site, and more photos of wild free range painting

abandoned in overgrown, undeveloped, dog run knolls

sometimes the best way to think about things though is without photographic evidence~

and to answer the anonymous query yes, you can take a painting home but you know the rule of the street~

you have to really, really want a painting to take it home off the streets, are you tough enough to walk out into traffic, and take it, nobodies going to hold your hand, or give you permission, the rule of the street is a real burning desire, you have to really want something badly to carry it home, swipe it, or pull up with your car and load it up, out under the public eye, but please try, go ahead, if you can~
but then you owe me~



notice of proposed painting

sometimes art shows just put themselves out on the streets, my studio is too full, my ping-pong table much too cluttered to hold my paint
free out door art show @ 23 and Madison
right here in seattle, top of the hill~ now lets see how the streets treat art
and feel free to take one of them home, or add your own art, or trade~

random distractions

my favorite graffiti artist is back, off season
jake and i sitting in the rusty stormtrooper
and some people really need to paint murals of little girls eating "burritos"

urinal on the ferry boat or prison

my four thirty am windshield view of trees
my back hurts, and summer is slipping through our toes

My doctor~ dr. jay williams

today, i tried calling my doctor, the surgeon who saved me from horrible pain and months of sitting on the couch in a ball, not being able to walk, stand, sit or sleep~

but instead of reaching him to ask his advice about my new back pain i read this horror instead~

The Mercer Island man wanted for brutally assaulting his ex-girlfriend on Wednesday was found dead from an apparent suicide early this morning.
Police believe that at around 5pm yesterday, Jay Blake Williams confronted his former girlfriend after waiting for her in the Bellevue Commons parking lot outside her workplace. According to police, Williams threatened to kill her, then struck her several times in the face with a gun. She escaped back inside to call police, but by the time they arrived, Williams had already disappeared from the scene.
A BPD officer spotted Willams' van in a parking lot of a Bellevue office park while on patrol around 1:30 am this morning. A search of his home on Mercer Island hours earlier turned up a suicide note. He was discovered on the floor of the van, having suffered a gunshot wound to the head.
Police: Man wanted in attack on ex-girlfriend commits suicide
Posted by John de Leon
A man wanted for pistol-whipping his ex-girlfriend Wednesday in Bellevue was found dead early Thursday morning in a van in the 1700 block of 112th Avenue Northeast.
Bellevue police say Jay Blake Williams died of an apparent suicide.

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At about 1:37 a.m, a Bellevue patrol officer was driving through the parking lot of Hidden Valley Office Park when she noticed Williams' van. Additional officers were called to the scene and discovered his body inside. He had died from a gunshot wound to the head, police said. A gun was recovered from the van floor near Williams.
According to police, Williams drove to the parking lot of his ex-girlfriend's workplace in the 1200 block of 112th Avenue Northeast around 5 p.m. Wednesday. When he saw the woman walking toward her car he threatened her and then struck her in the face and head several times with a pistol. He then fled.
The victim was able to return to her office, where employees phoned 911.
She was taken by medics to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where she is currently in satisfactory condition.
During a search for Williams Wednesday night a suicide note was discovered in his Mercer Island home, according to police.

where, the police and reporters don't tell us, his wife and kids lived~ his ex girlfriend was also apparently married~ read the 168 comments if you need more info~ i can't stop reading this story~ so incredibly whacked out~

Comments (168)
James Smith says:
Funny how they use the word girlfriend, instead of mistress, which she was..and fail to mention his wife and two little kids ..damn arrogant OPA surgeons!Posted On:
Thursday, Feb. 11 2010 @ 7:01PM
anonymous says:
Funny how the only thing you think is disturbing about this story is defining girlfriend versus mistress and not the horrific brutality of what he did to her and I think his innocent wife and children should be left out why should anyone else need to suffer because of his quite obvious psychotic breakdown.Posted On:
Thursday, Feb. 11 2010 @ 7:40PM
anonymous says:
Funny how the only thing you think is disturbing about this story is defining girlfriend versus mistress and not the horrific brutality of what he did to her and I think his innocent wife and children should be left out why should anyone else need to suffer because of his quite obvious psychotic breakdownPosted On:
Thursday, Feb. 11 2010 @ 7:47PM
C. says:
Wow no matter the situation someone died here, how disrespectful to all parties involved. He was a human, and you using OPA on here. F-d up! I bet you work there and you obviously are heartless. Grow up.Posted On:
Thursday, Feb. 11 2010 @ 7:51PM
Anonymous says:
so i guess this means shes single now? yo im tryna fuck!!! weeeeeeeeePosted On:
Thursday, Feb. 11 2010 @ 7:57PM
forgot to mention, my^ name is SEATOWNBALLA!Posted On:
Thursday, Feb. 11 2010 @ 8:00PM
Distant Ghost says:
I knew Dr. Williams and His Mistress. They both seemed like nice people on the outside. Posted On:
Thursday, Feb. 11 2010 @ 10:06PM
Joe says:
Its a bad thing that happened al the way around for wife and children. I did rescue with him for several years and have meet his wife and kids. all I can say is where were the people to help him before it got this far ? I know that he will be missed by his wife and kids and I speak for the team and raceingPosted On:
Thursday, Feb. 11 2010 @ 11:08PM
dee says:
what a tragic loss for all. I feel for the children who lost their father most of all. The "mistress" took this man away from his family long ago. Shame on you!Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 2:34AM
anonymous says:
I knew both Jay and his "Mistress". Call it what you will but they are/were both great people. They both made very very poor decisions in their personal lives. However, professionally, they were well liked and respected. My condolences to his wife, his small children, and their family. Jay, you were a great man and will be missed by many.Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 6:23AM
anonymous says:
I don't think it matters what people do in their private lives and it sickens me to see any of you who THRIVE on the gossip. Jay Williams was a wonderful person - he may have hit some rough times in life, but we should not dwell on that. I'm saddened for the loss to his wife and kids and, for that matter, the entire community. I pray that the ex girlfriend has a quick recovery and that the media AND individuals like "James Smith" allow people to grieve in peace and let everyone move on with life. We'll miss you Jay.Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 7:44AM
c. says:
Wow, great to the people who support Jay and his "mistress" and his family. Immature to the ones being disrespectful again. OPA surgeons btw are awesome! EVERY SINGLE ONE. Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 7:59AM
anon says:
This tragedy is causing enormus pain in many lives.How does invoking shame and insulting those involved bring any light to this dark situation? These people were both loved and esteemed by many for good reason. Ask yourselves why methaphorically spitting on the defenseless appeals to you. Using this venue to feed at the trough of other people's pain does not elevate you above them. It does not bring comfort and clarity to the people left to sort this out. Leave them in peace to do it themselves.Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 8:45AM
Untimely loss of life is always tragic. I hope the injured victim heals fully. I pray for Jay, and his wife and family as they try to get through this tragic and difficult time. Jay was getting a lot of support from his wife, kids and close friends and family during this difficult time in his life. He seemed to be doing much better and getting his life back on track. His death was a real shock to those who were helping him. I would like to say his wife has been his rock and I really feel for her and the kids right now. Jay was a wonderful man who made some poor choices and was ill. Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 11:46AM
anonymous says:
I am so glad to see some very thoughtful feelings about what is so tragic the outcome to these domestic was sad to see so many people condemning these people without a clue as what was happening in their personal lives...Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 11:56AM
Anonymous says:
Dr. Williams was the most caring, professional and helpful doctor my children have ever had. He reached out and went above and beyond in helping my son. I will miss his smile and they way his eyes lit up. Thank you, Dr. WIlliams, for your wonderful medical care. The rest is none of my business other than to say that I will keep your family in my prayers for healing. Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 12:18PM
maggie b says:
What Jay did was awful. I think we need to be careful not to judge people by the worst moments in their lives. I hope the women he beats can find a man that can give her everything and not settle. I hope his wife and children have enough good memories of him that they are able to hold onto the positive. His suicide and girlfriend muddy the water a bit but I hope that they really can remember the good.
People need to respect their vows more, be more proactive in getting mental health services (and if we need to pay more in taxes so they are more readily available so be it), and we really need to enforce gun control laws and limit access to them. Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 12:19PM
Patient and Friend says:
I knew Dr. Jay both as a patient and later, a friend. While it is shocking to read this news, I grew to love and respect this gentleman from both his excellent care and what later developed into a solid friendship.
I would defy those who post hateful comments here to demonstrate that they have never faced evil themselves.
RIP Dr. Jay, and my heart is with your family, your excellent staff, and the many friends we still share.Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 1:49PM
Another Patient says:
I just heard this terrible news. I found this review I wrote of the goor Dr. several years ago and want to share it with you.
Dr. Williams was the 3rd of 3 surgeons to perform lumbar surgery in an attempt to solve my problems. Along the
way I consulted with many others in his field, yet none came close to this Doctor. Although I was seeking a
specific, cutting edge procedure that he is highly qualified to perform, he was realistic in his approach and
(strongly) advised against this. He explained very clearly why I was not a candidate, and instead he performed
a traditional procedure (fusion). This was nearly 2 years ago, and I can truly say that I wish that I had found
him the first time around. All doctors differ in their demeanor, ambition, and beliefs. Dr. Williams is at the
top of the charts! I have never met a Spine Surgeon who rises to his level (and I met many). Furthermore, his
assistant is smart enough to be the Doctor herself, and between the two you will not find a better team. Nearly
2 years following his work I feel great, and will never forget the great care that he and his staff providePosted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 2:10PM
Dolly says:
Hey Maggie B. Yes, I too hope that Jay's mistress can find a man who gives her everything. Perhaps she could look first at her husband. Jay's wife and kids are the real concern here. They are beautiful people who deserve so much more.Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 3:26PM
maggie b says:
The odd thing about this is everyone I know who knew Jay well talk about what a great person he is and what an amazing wife and family he has. He sounds like he had a real mental break.
He and the woman he had an affair with made a mistake but I do not think anyone deserves to be beaten up. I hope the woman he injured fully recovers.
I hope his wife realizes how much people say she was a rock and a great person. She is not responsible for his choices.
I hope his children someday will know that people thought their dad was a great doctor and a good person.
Something went tragically wrong here.
Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 3:46PM
Patient 2 says:
Dr. Williams was a calming and caring presence in my (and my family’s) time of great need. He provided excellent care and advice. He was a fantastic doctor. He will be missed.
I feel for the victim of his inexplicable violence and of course, his wife and children. You are all in my thoughts.Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 4:48PM
Cousin says:
Jay is my cousin and I am outraged and hurt by what some have said. You base ur comments on what u read which just shows ur ignorance. My family is suffering right now with this loss, as well as friends and colleagues. I appreciate those of u who chose to be respectful during this difficult time.Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 6:02PM
DJ Allyn says:
It is kinda disturbing to read a few of the comments here.
Look, a woman was assaulted, a man died, a wife is without her husband and children are without their father.
It is sad that things ended up in this unfortunate outcome. Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 6:09PM
patient says:
Dr. Jay, along with a few others, was perhaps one of the best spinal surgeons in the area. His caring personality supercedes this entire horrible nightmare. What transpired these past few days does not represent this wonderful person. I can only assume his emotional stress was so severe it caused this unpredictable action. As a former patient I can only mourn the loss of this gifted surgeon. My heart goes out to his wife and children. We have lost a great Doctor but of more importance is the sad loss for his family. Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 7:32PM
Rob says:
I grew up w/ Jay and what happened was awful. He was the last person in the world whom you would be in this situation. He was one of the nicest, kindest, and most put together people I have known. My heart goes out to his children. It's sad when one small thread of life unravels the lives of good people. Jay was a very good person. Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 9:46PM
Mad as Hell says:
RIP JBW. I am angry that someone so smart and who helped so many wasn't smart enough to seek help for himself. Be it pride or embarasment on his part, he still should have gotten more help. I feel for his family, the one he hurt, and everyone that knew him. It's not fair. I'm just so mad! RIP. Posted On:
Friday, Feb. 12 2010 @ 9:54PM
anonymous says:
I knew Dr. Jay William's very well professionally and I have referred many people to him for spine surgery. You wll not find anyone who did not trust me when it came to his professional skills and caring nature. He was truly one of the honest/best spine surgeons in town. What a loss for this community. Spine surgery is a tough business and you become co-dependent on your nurse and surgical assistant. Maybe that was part of what happened between 2 nice people. But in the end the 4 year affair took him away from his wife and children who are 1 and 3. HIs wife is a saint and my heart goes out to her and the kids. The "other" women has returned to her husband. In the short term I hope she heals but she will never fully recover from the memory of this afair and what it did to so many lives.Posted On:
Saturday, Feb. 13 2010 @ 9:19AM
Anonymous says:
I knew Dr. Williams as a non-surgical colleague in the community. He stood out as a caring, thoughtful, and extremely competent surgeon who I would readily refer patients to. I will miss him and I feel terribly for his family and the woman he physically hurt - I can only assume that a severe and untractable mental illness had overtaken him and I hope he finds peace now.Posted On:
Saturday, Feb. 13 2010 @ 10:36AM
anonymous says:
I knew and worked with both parties involved. Wonderful people. Fantastic to work with and be around. I am so sad that a few poor choices, led to this tragic event. My sympathy to Jay's widow and children. Posted On:
Saturday, Feb. 13 2010 @ 12:09PM
anonymous says:
I think people should look at their own lives before criticizing others. I think we tend to forget the people that suicide victims leave behind. I do not know Dr. Jay Williams, but being in the medical field, I have heard alot of good things about him. Peace to his family.Posted On:
Saturday, Feb. 13 2010 @ 1:25PM
Night Nurse says:
Many hectic night shifts ended happily as soon as Dr Williams arrived to the unit. His positive energy, his true concern for others, and his great smile will be greatly missed! He was a kind, decent person.
This awful, tragic event only reminds me of how fragile the human mind is.
I miss you Dr Williams!!!Posted On:
Saturday, Feb. 13 2010 @ 2:14PM
hoosiergirl137540 says:
That was my mothers cousins husband. And the ex-girlfriend was from before the marriage, and Emma was devastated. BenBen won't ever remember him, and Carrie's probably going to move back to Michigan with the rest of our family.Posted On:
Saturday, Feb. 13 2010 @ 2:27PM
Dolly says:
Certainly a devastating tragedy on all accounts. However, I have difficulty accepting that Jay's mistress was such a "nice" person. Carrying on a relationship for nearly 5 years with a married man (while married herself) AND pretending to be a friend to Jay's wife? Not so nice. Not deserving of physical harm, of course, but certainly not a good person in my book. Posted On:
Saturday, Feb. 13 2010 @ 6:39PM
O.R. Nurse says:
I knew and worked with both involved. They were both wonderful and kind people.. a pleasure and joy to be around... it is not the time for judgement... but a time to heal all the broken hearts and lives.... my compassion is for the sorrow... let us be strong and help all those affected heal... and heal well... they will need us now...we'll miss you Dr. Williams...Posted On:
Saturday, Feb. 13 2010 @ 7:12PM
Dolly says:
Let's not forget the people most deserving of this compassion...the real innocent victims...his wife and children.Posted On:
Saturday, Feb. 13 2010 @ 9:40PM
Anonymous says:
Dr. Williams gave me a new life.I just wish to god I could give HIM a new life.
Aside from the loss suffered by his family and friends, we all have lost one of the most brilliant surgeons this region will ever know.Posted On:
Saturday, Feb. 13 2010 @ 9:49PM
John in Boston says:
This guy was a piece of work freak.
Ladies: I'm a guy. Guys are horny. All the time. It's all about the physical act of sex. God made us this way. Many guys will do bizarre stuff for sex. I'm not saying all guys are uncivilized animals but there's a constant tug of war for most regarding sexual desire. Emotional desire is separate and a different story. Many females don't separate the two and this causes confusion when trying to understand guy behavior.
And as a guy, a question for females: WHY do many of you tolerate tolerate bad behavior, even seek it out, from guys? Is it the drama, excitement? I'll never understand this aspect of female behavior.Posted On:
Sunday, Feb. 14 2010 @ 3:28AM
Kandi says:
John in Boston, you shouldn't comment on people you don't know. I previously worked with both Dr. Williams and the woman everyone has commented on. I have immense respect for the work Dr. Williams did and wish his family peace. The other party you speak of IS A GOOD WOMAN. She may have made poor choices, as did he. If you define someone by their poor choices we would all be considered bad people. I know her as a hard working woman who cared deeply for her patients and coworkers. She was there for people when she was needed and a great support to all. I wish her a speedy recovery. We all make choices and suffer the consequences. She was moving in a better direction and I pray this does not halt her forward movement. RIP Dr. Williams and J - Stay strong
Love to the families, friends and colleaguesK~Posted On:
Sunday, Feb. 14 2010 @ 9:50AM
T says:
I was absolutely devastated to hear of Dr. Jay's passing. He and his nurse were always professional and personable during my treatment. I finally felt that I had found someone who understood and listened to my situation. I referred many patients to him. How tragic that we have lost a wonderful surgeon but also that his family has lost a son, husband, father and warm man. I wish "J" a speedy recovery from this horrible experience. Posted On:
Sunday, Feb. 14 2010 @ 12:20PM
Dawg says:
This is such a tragedy. My heart aches for those involved, especially JBW's family. I had 2 spine surgeries with Dr. Williams. His wonderful care relieved me of so much pain. I lift up his wife and children in prayer through this tragedy. Posted On:
Sunday, Feb. 14 2010 @ 2:08PM
Dolly says:
Kandi,I don't doubt that the care Jay and his mistress gave patients was excellent. Nor do I wish physical harm on anyone. But you need to acknowledge that she did not just make a poor choice. She continued to ACT in a despicable manner for nearly 5 years, all the while pretending that she was a friend to Jay's wife. Would you be so compassionate if she did the same with your husband? I wish for healing for HER husband and for Jay's family. They are the real victims here.Posted On:
Sunday, Feb. 14 2010 @ 3:13PM
Anonymous says:
STFUPosted On:
Sunday, Feb. 14 2010 @ 4:22PM
Randy says:
What I appreciate in these comments are those by the many people who knew the two individuals involved. I only knew Dr. Williams. The comments on the Seattle Times website were disgusting (commenting how we have saved tax dollars by Dr. W's final act). Those people had no idea who this man truly was; I only wish I, or someone else, could have done something to stop this horrible tragedy for all involved. I am sure that Dr. Williams did far more for the people of this community than most of the people who have been critical of his unfortunate poor actions of late. I do not condone the last acts of violence, but the stones being cast are not appropriate and would never have been cast if they knew this man (and it sounds like his friend)Posted On:
Sunday, Feb. 14 2010 @ 4:44PM
Kandi says:
Dolly,I understand your hurt and anger at this time. I do not condone any behavior that diminishes the family relationship. However what I am saying is that these acts are only one part of a whole person and does not define them. I do not consider her a bad person, only a person who made bad choices. I just feel this is a tragedy that has affected so many. I do pray for Jay's family. His children and wife are definitely the victims. Jay is also a victim as his pain must have been immense for him to believe this was his only way out. My heart aches at this loss to the community, the family and to all others this has touched. Bless you Dolly! It's good to know you are their to support your friend(s) You are correct, I would not be so forgiving if it were my husband, yet I know there is a good woman in her. Posted On:
Sunday, Feb. 14 2010 @ 9:07PM
Anonymous says:
Jennifer is indeed a homewreckerPosted On:
Monday, Feb. 15 2010 @ 7:40AM
Peter E. Sutherland says:
I won't judge these people. I don't know enough about what happened. I only know that Dr. Williams was a remarkably talented, forthright and caring physician. He was my orthopedist and listened to my complaints about back pain when several other doctors figuratively shrugged their shoulders. I am a lawyer and he was also the treating physician for a client with significant injuries. And though I was disppointed that his medical findings were not more supportive of my client's claim, I came away impressed with Dr. Williams' integity and medical ability. I won't judge Dr. Williams or speculate as to the motives behind his final acts. I can only be sad that Seattle has lost a gifted doctor and man. Posted On:
Monday, Feb

the things i don't want

i tried to be honest,when i found this amazing photo of this kid surfing in the sixties, stuffed into this horrible frame, looks better in digital form i swear, and now i want it, so i was going to pull the photo out of the frame and put it in a book, i was buying, but i figured i'd just go up front and ask if i could just buy the photo, the frame was too expensive and ugly, i told the lady, someone was just going to throw it out and put a picture of some dog in it and she looked at me and said no way, rejected, damn, and now i want this photo and frame~ damn honesty ! i should have smashed the frame and ran~
black velvet painting of old lady sewing, can you think of anything hotter

i mean besides a fucked painting of a puppy in Santa's hat, asleep beneath the mistletoe, i was first drawn to this painting from across the room, because i thought the sprig was a spider, brilliant i thought, and disappointed

could i have a more spellbinding life ?

krupnik 2 percenters
i posted this article originally over at Blownbrown, my van blog, but you should read it now, click out and away to the above link for a better form with more photos and content, better layout, thank you, N~

i found this 1979, Rolling Stone at a junk shop, and read this amazing article, titled as above, the gist being that these crazy drug and beer nuts who owned vans in the seventies liked to party but they couldn't get along with the straight/family van owners who didn't want the fledgling van scene to turn into the outlaw biker scene, the one percenters, so these guys called themselves the 2% ers, and partied like the sixties never ended, and subsequently brought down the van clubs

as far as i know, the van thing happened in the west and mid~west, the east coast had disco, my buddy at work pointed out, that's the difference, so i never had the chance to see these real life lunatics, not that i would have, this same magazine has a huge interview with the Ramones, the times were slowly changing, i at the time was a string been, who lived in a void of trees, looking back at these guys through the time machine of times actual passage, it's easy to see the last gasp of the sixties caught up with the middle American regulars, who just wanted to eat mushrooms and smoke pot and party, like anyone else
young guys who, shortly would have to face the early eighties economic recessions, the hard reality of getting jobs and having a family the impracticality of going to van fests
the police at this point in history had begun a nation wide crack down on drunk driving, impaired driving and a cultural swing to the right, away from Woodstock and toward Nancy and Ronnie, the war on drugs, the war on music and obscenity, the war on fun and freedom
it would be a great documentary though, don't you think, go interview these guys now, find their vans, dig up some historical film
you can still see some of these faded vans parked in driveways, repainted flat black parked downtown, the drivers once young and wild, in jorts shirtless, parked in fields with friends, smoking from bongs, and listening to. . . i don't know, skynard ?
are all in their fifties now, they've moved on, the fun stopped, the vans broke down, cost too much to fix, they've raised whole families, and the world, the world has forgotten that once, one million years ago this was fun and they were wonderful monsters with beards and beers against the system and they lost so fucking hard they sucked the whole country down with them~ even here in the vast mighty future we can feel the loss pulling at our ankles, every time some beat up shit pig creeps down the street or some joker paints free candy on the back of his bands tour van
the cultural wonder of this moment is lost to the youth and eyes of today behind the hideousness of the men involved, the low crude antics, the base instinct, the carnal desperation, the middle American nothingness, the common denominator of living just to get fucked up, drink till you pass out, fight or fuck, and keep doing this over and over until your old, an alcoholic, chain smoking and your van is the only van parked in the field
but if i have my way, the 2% ers will rise again in film and glory
or i'll just forget about it~ and go surfing
great article~ something i never knew about, and wish i could have seen, maybe with binoculars
now, let's see some tits !

finish fetish

the new york times has this art story about a three gallery show focused on surfing, and all that crappy hype and poor writing about subjects unknown but thought to be cool, the text sucks, but it serves its purpose/ if i get to fly out to join my family deep into summer vacation, and if somehow i end up in NYC, i might go, just to see this room~ pictured above

on a side note i would like to be the first to state that surfing in Washington state has been cancelled due; to lack of swell~ poor sandbar development~ and my personnel lack of talent, thank you~

now everyone to the lake it might actually reach the eighties today~ boo

Q] what is the most over used expression from said above article ?

A] finish fetish

i drive

i drive and i like berries, and i like dilapidated America~

i like having kids too, i showed this to Jake and he said, kinda cheesy fake effects from you cellphone
i wish within my soul that places like this still opened when the berries burst into deep rich color and juicy excitement, i wish country roads still moved slow, that people would park and have a picnic, now i have to go to fucking grocery stores to eat crappy cold berries with air conditioning~
god damn hopes and stupid dusty dreams
all i wanted was a huckleberry~
all i got was a telephone that tells me the time in new york while i play chess and skype my wife
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