santa cruz is ~

this is how we roll outta town, down streets, and highways in the brownpelican

this is what i do at thrift shops~

i take pictures of art, because i don't like to buy things~ but i love the art, always surprising, and well displayed~ check out the detail in the that ghouls face~

this is where i want to live~ within the mists of double black velvet waterfalls

Hot Mike painted this portrait of Toby years ago, every time i go to Toby's i see it and chuckle

passengering friends

Russian river, goat rock

from my favorite tree~

these little beards grow on every branch, shade trees for lichen

Suja lives nestled between horses and vineyards

suja and richards amazingly grand dinning room

baby redwoods, growing from the corpse of mothers

she welcomes us you her home

we terrorized toby and suzanne~ with boys and noise and dogs

Suzanne's paintings

we worked on bikes

Toby built this in a few minutes, so sweet

and i of course was the tick magnet, a new personnel high, of five of these monsters pulled off of me, take me hiking with you, i will cover you

greatest farm stand in the whole world, if you drive anywhere near Santa Cruz stop here, jelly tasting on top of the most delisiocous animal crackers, strawberry short cakes, hot coffee, wooden kids toys, blue tables, and the greatest thing ever~ honour system cashier~ you must stop here

found this in the trash years ago, it doesn't belong here, but here it is

Ano Nuevo

Dashiell's other family with ocean

with cliff

ship wreck

port~ hole

hike in



thought it was a sad dog checking the surf

glamorous salvation Army

shark bite board, whoa

my future home

where we live in Santa Cruz

kids play lego under this table while we battle to eleven and 21

a backyard treat, millions of them

time~ out comfy chair

never got to play, damn

young warrior pose

Toby creates these crazy perfect succulent bowls

fish wall homage to delicious

Suzanne should make this painting into a fabric design

guest room full of art

baby Toby~

dash and i, surfing together at cowell's

kelly aka boatgirl painted this

and this

me too~

found this at Shannon's yard sale~ so hideous

same artist, different medium

really, really hideous, toenails

we painted our house, a laugh

very frightening kids toy~ suppository

people like to go away on vacation and pretend to be different things to live exciting lives possibly more glamorous than their own true daily trudge, and this for me, holds true, only with me, i like to go on vacation and pretend i live in my van, not take showers, sleep with animals, eat a bare minimum, roll around the streets at dawn, begin my day with a creep, witness all the filthy~ messy parts of your town~ while i'm the first at the coffee shop door with crummy bills and must up hair looking for somewhere to poop

then i go find my family~ snuggly in guest rooms~ watching cartoons making breakfast within the walls of civilization

at night i leave them with a kiss and sneak into my van, crawl into a sleeping bag and set my alarm for dawn patrol

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