notice of proposed painting

days like today, with the sun ripping holes through the roof tops of hairdo's make me feel like i am now and always will be on summer vacation, worn out stinky basketball shoes, nothing to do but goof, paint, art, swim, explore the city with eyes~ and always put on the show
next weekend D. Henry and i will be bombing the city with two free art shows, these are the signs for the show~

under construction ~ you kill future blood cell city

my best palette ever !

and of course the miraculous JTStieny never stops sending us art and we love it, like perpetual X-mass

google his name and spend days exploring his websites and blogs and huge enveloping world

a rat in the ice cream ? what ?

love the splatted scoop

hairy angel, in the corner
thank you Jay for making me not think about myself for one second

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