put the show on already, spaghetti

i had this photo blown up to 18 x 22 and after i saw it, it kind of blew my mind, Cyrus called it even before it was huge, when he said, it's so sexual-
when i took this photo, it was just another random piece of chewed up gum in a field of hundreds of others, but now, shit, it's so sculptural- was i set up ?- is this a prop piece of gum ? it couldn't be-
so freaking weird- click on it and see it freakishness and my mind blowing distortions- i need to lay down

the show has been hung and is now awaiting paparazzi- super models, bums, kids and queens

i wanted you to see this picture because i'm wearing a dead guys shirt (Mr. Williams) don't worry i washed it- and no i didn't kill him- either

you can see the work best from outside- you should drink some coffee and stand in the street- that's where i'll be

don't know if i like this sunshiny kinda thing going on- i think i usually show in the winter when the sun is a dead blob and barely crawls over the grass

see you all Wednesday from 6:00 to 6:15 for a very quick reception
thank you Boatgirl (Kelly) for the excellent assistance, guidance and supplies-
and of coarse thank you very much Dani-

mr. Williams vs bulldozer

right, so the Armenian's and the Georgians showed up- and i asked if i could come over and take pictures, so the old guy tucks his shirt in and stands straight, you take my picture- he smiles-

but i have my magic camera- it doesn't work on people i tell him-
i creep around taking photos upstairs and in the basement and all over but the shoe stash was much too dark- i threw all the kids shoes out the window and snapped these-later - Mr. Williams kept a lot of kids shoes in the basement

fancy- Sunday shoes and sneakers

another lunch pail- this one with a modified handle

and still triple lined with wax paper- as though he's going to lunch tomorrow

the Missus Shoes in delicate pink tissue- the color stabs me in the eye and punctures my heart

Mr. Williams keeps taking pieces of me with him into the grave

don't ask me if this is his family- i can't tell- the dad could be Mr. Williams, but i never heard of three boys with dirty shoes-

i found some photos today, i searched everywhere and will go back- i need to find the stash-the Armenians come up and asked what i was looking for, and i told them about the hidden photos, and they laugh and tell me to shut the door when i leave.
most of the photos aren't labeled- do your grand kids and nosey neighbors a favor and write every ones name on the back of every photo

i love these two girl and whacked old guy holding up a sandwich . . .

somebody wrote some names down- usually from out of state and not Williams

i think grandma is having a horrible birthday -with two grand kids -

i'd sure like to step into this shot and eat some pink frosted chocolate cake with thin layers and washed down with some. . . i don't know. . . tears

happy birthday grandma when your dead, dad's going to give your home to the bank who will hand it over to eastern Europeans who will invite a Japanese bulldozer to rip your ghosts out by the roots and plant dull middle class American asses on your dreams
bury me barefoot too will ya-


this is our littlest boy Forrest- and here are a few more comments about the show card- one from Dawn and one from uncle Cookie- don't forget the show opens on Wednesday-
hope i can make it- going to show up late and leave early- that's the way my family and i roll'em-

* * * *

I'm loving your slightly distorted, dreamy images.

* * * *

Is that a picture of the menu on the flyer?

thnx to Art & Soul for the large format print-
and thnx to you-

hey everyone- i just received this link to Suzanne's new Blog- all about food and fish and healthy living- her husband Toby is my physical fitness mentor/and the inspiration for this striving to be stronger and a better surfer- Suzanne makes all sorts of yummy things to eat- little tiny amazing art books and is one half of the cutest couple on the west coast- alright maybe two thirds-

if you have a blog go follow hers- i did- if not go read and cook and grow a garden and live-

my first sold painting

back-way back before all you kids were even born- i used to paint these really large four foot square paintings in my living room and then into a studio with Boatgirl-
this is the first painting i ever sold- titled/homoerotically Hugh dreaming
i wonder if it's still hanging in that doctor Kassabe's living room ?
i like the snowy landscape w/trees floating off the shoulders- the monster faces- and filthy colors
was this sold at the Bumbershoot show ?*
where i had Velcro frames and could rotate my paintings until they fell out and killed people-
*Doug Parry's The Possibilities

chewed apart

apparently everyone is painting paintings of blurry photos- but their all doing it to be funny and cool, i shoot these photos with a broken camera and fuzzy eyeballs-because i am handicapped/ poor and morbid

wow- i just sent out the invitations via e-mail and man, i guess i really shouldn't have sent invites to some people-

here's some quotes- from real grown up people-

Who are you and 1) why did send a photo of a dead bird 2) what does this have to do with Westphalia's???

apparently vw people only want to see pictures of vans and 16 inch wheels- and youtube videos of syncros mud bogging- i stand by my earlier statements about vanagon owners-

* * * *

That's a horrible image and just for that no, I won't stop by!

* * * *


and just for the record i didn't kill the baby bird, all i did was take the picture

and this quote from my lovely wife who turns thirty-four today-

.....the card is sweet and scary...perfect to describe you haahaaa


this is a photography show with fanzines - the opening reception is going to be the 2nd of September 2009- i'll be there with my wild ones and crayons- a cup of tea - if you come by i'll tell you a story about a piece of gum

fascinating !

my mothers favorite painting

this painting from the 1990's is titled, my mothers favorite painting doesn't look anything like this-
i traded paintings with Hugh- and gave this to him, it was my version on Christina's world, by Andrew Wythe ? i think ? a little help here-
looking at it now- i don't know, what's up with the crotch and why so much black ?
you'd think i was some goth kid locked in my room- painting with a knife-
revenge !

seedpods and spaceships

any day now it will be horse chestnut time, and these prickly babies will be littering the streets, sidewalks and pick-up beds, and i'll be hucking them at you from across the alley-

laurel ?

this house thing is landed at Yesler and 24th. parked on a big brown dead grass lot, i don't know what it is- a house-studio-garage-lab ?

i think everyone should dress in period clothing to match their homes- and the year it was built
very 1980's- with these heinous blue triangles and glass block walls- shit i can see all the crappy house plants and fern bar decor exploding within these orange peel walls

what the fuck- is it a kite ? or a cubic sculptor ? jesus, i hope it's full of new wave girls and bad hair, vibrant silly tops and pointy boots, shoulder pads too much make up and clove cigarets- everyone is inside listening to ultravox and eating Quaaludes-

this is the back part of the kitecrib- with drive way and parallel lines- i like to believe the two buildings are connected underground by a huge loft space where Gorodish* sits doing puzzles and chain smoking-

the house next door throws up every time it looks south, but isn't this a cute little detail-

across the street this grand mansion sits and reflects on a long dull life

i love this country farm house stuck in the hood pretending the local gang kids are wildlife- the drive-by gun fire is thunder, and all the town-homes are trees
i want a house like this- but in the real country, not Seattle
it's kind of nice though that you can pretend your a country gentle man and walk out side-buy a forty-some rock and a blowjob
in your face farmboy-

*some french anti-protagonist from some film and novel series-

peeing at la push

i like to check the waves while i pee-

first light touching the wave lip is always my favorite time to be out in the water, but, it was a little small at dawn, i paddled out a bit later, alone- with little skinny whales-baby grey or minke- did you know that back in the old days when the locals used to hunt whales that after they killed them- one of the guys would jump in the water and sew the whales mouth shut- so they wouldn't sink

this is my 1970's windbreaker tent so obsolete, this is my favorite tent design so simple and small, and i get to pretend i'm a time traveller

rez dogs- tethered looking for love

dewy grasses

James island with polka dots- Chris O and i got to paddle across the la push river to check Rialto beach but it looked all junky so we paddled back to surf

low tide

later that night i woke really late it was so warm, i just stood under the stars in a t-shirt- Orion's belt was glowing so brightly i couldn't stand it- i felt as though i was being sucked up into the stars

the burn ban has been lifted so -get your hot dogs and marshmallows out- go find a stick and come back

the house

my friend Hewitt has agreed to let me come over and document her house with camera- not today, not tomorrow but soon- i can't wait-it's like the circus-the odditorium and museum all at once- she collects interesting things that will creep me up at night-

stay tuned mom and other people's mom

mother of five

when i heard that there was going to be a show at Scribble's, i thought Cyrus said-
Mother of five- which i thought was a great fucking name for a band-
but it's actually fire-
in case you've never been to Scribbles- go ! it's the most wonderful home and playpen, when the fam kicks me to the curb- as i've said before-i'll be knocking on Cyrus' front door with my hanky tied to a sick and ol'hobo hat pulled low over my eyes, SSD patches, 138 scrawls, sleeping on the floor- can i ?

my favorites- Cyrus and Henry

i made this pie for Henry- it's gluten free-vegan/ plum apple berry and it was really good-
the regular pie on the right is my grand experiment- Apple carrot ginger- wow! so good !

Henry and Cyrus came over to eat the pie and we did a very good job, there's a show at Scribble's on sunday, Cyrus is holding up the flyer we all made-playing immaculate corpse- those two were really in tune- i wasn't but the flyer is nice

then Cyrus forked her

made a new fanzine

for my show in September - all photos- from the magic camera

i really love making zines- so satisfying- even if no one ever even looks at them, i can tack them up all over town- guerrilla style- then they disappear out into the world
gotta go slack line now-

unfolded paper- zine

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