my stairs and pulled out hair

out here in the west, where the weather is temperate, mostly, there's this phenomena which happens in spring time, where you start to see tents spring up in peoples back yards, all over the city, i guess all the couch surfers, drifters and long term visitors, just move to back yard camp sites, and it's all rather nice and sweet i think, these kids figure why pay rent for the summer, when they can save all that cash- bang on - this family sized ten though is a little sketch

it's wild fruit season- too

some concrete contractor pressed leaves into the freshy cream- lovely

my stairs- i have to hike to get here and then i climb until i can't move my legs and barely make it home, sweat drenched, every week i add a set- just looking at these concrete monsters, makes me weak

this is what i've been staring at all week

loaded the couch full of photography

did i mention the word loaded- my show is titled "chewed"

my typewriter with graphic label

sarah perkins is her name- and i love her i've been writing the liner notes to the show on this cumbersome machine- making a new zine-

somebody up at the 48 bus stop had a good old fashioned hair pulling fight- i wonder how painful it is when the extensions pop ?
that must have been something- there were about five of these hair piles-i'm glad i have short hair some mornings
don't take the bus-
or fight on the streets
ah, city living-

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  1. The random hair on the street is a little creepy. lol. And those stairs ARE monsters!


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