slack line

In case you were wondering what the big deal is-

this is the big deal, SLACKLINE, instantly addictive- like being a kid again and learning to walk, why would you ever stop-

only slackline is so hard-and so fun, i've been hitting this line three/ four times a day for two weeks, yesterday my friend Huang, came over and tightened my line, which he had ridden over on his bike to set up on my front lawn to save my body, back and mind-you'll never do sit ups or push ups again, he told me

we walked and practiced for two almost three hours, yesterday- the second he went home i laid down on the couch and fell asleep- dead


go to your local climbing shop and buy a kit or the parts, it should be cheap, under thirty bucks- set it up and call your friends- so much fun

u-tube has tons of vids of people who can do it and how to do it and what to get to set it up, now go- some new rambling blurriness

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  1. you big are better than me now...i will be home soon and will tight line your butt


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