seedpods and spaceships

any day now it will be horse chestnut time, and these prickly babies will be littering the streets, sidewalks and pick-up beds, and i'll be hucking them at you from across the alley-

laurel ?

this house thing is landed at Yesler and 24th. parked on a big brown dead grass lot, i don't know what it is- a house-studio-garage-lab ?

i think everyone should dress in period clothing to match their homes- and the year it was built
very 1980's- with these heinous blue triangles and glass block walls- shit i can see all the crappy house plants and fern bar decor exploding within these orange peel walls

what the fuck- is it a kite ? or a cubic sculptor ? jesus, i hope it's full of new wave girls and bad hair, vibrant silly tops and pointy boots, shoulder pads too much make up and clove cigarets- everyone is inside listening to ultravox and eating Quaaludes-

this is the back part of the kitecrib- with drive way and parallel lines- i like to believe the two buildings are connected underground by a huge loft space where Gorodish* sits doing puzzles and chain smoking-

the house next door throws up every time it looks south, but isn't this a cute little detail-

across the street this grand mansion sits and reflects on a long dull life

i love this country farm house stuck in the hood pretending the local gang kids are wildlife- the drive-by gun fire is thunder, and all the town-homes are trees
i want a house like this- but in the real country, not Seattle
it's kind of nice though that you can pretend your a country gentle man and walk out side-buy a forty-some rock and a blowjob
in your face farmboy-

*some french anti-protagonist from some film and novel series-

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