1, 2 x pie

i made two pies- after Henry and I poached a shirt full of wild plums only to be busted by the plum tree's owner and chased down the alley screaming fruit flying shotguns blazing-
i made two pies one apple and fresh wild plums and the other- apple berry my favorite flavor
i cooked them up late and hadn't planned on a test drive when Cyrus and His Henry came a knocking and we spent hours drinking tea and slackline walking and laughing- they both have it- now we just have to set up a line at their famous house Scribbles
while in the morning it came to me the name of the blog about the proposed future pie shop, and the idea of my huge bicycle float for parades and adverts shaped like a giant papermache or painted elbow macaroni-slice of pie-wedge- i want to ride this thing around and give out gumballs and fireballs, rides on my handlebars-

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