this is our littlest boy Forrest- and here are a few more comments about the show card- one from Dawn and one from uncle Cookie- don't forget the show opens on Wednesday-
hope i can make it- going to show up late and leave early- that's the way my family and i roll'em-

* * * *

I'm loving your slightly distorted, dreamy images.

* * * *

Is that a picture of the menu on the flyer?

thnx to Art & Soul for the large format print-
and thnx to you-

hey everyone- i just received this link to Suzanne's new Blog- all about food and fish and healthy living- her husband Toby is my physical fitness mentor/and the inspiration for this striving to be stronger and a better surfer- Suzanne makes all sorts of yummy things to eat- little tiny amazing art books and is one half of the cutest couple on the west coast- alright maybe two thirds-

if you have a blog go follow hers- i did- if not go read and cook and grow a garden and live-

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