8-track/ sounds in space

this was supposed to be a science fiction blog, i'll have you know- but something has gone horribly wrong- it was also supposed to be a book review site- and i'll have you also know that i have been reading, i just haven't been reviewing anything- way too time consuming and who would really read a book review of books that hit the shelves ten years ago- since i only read books i find at yard sales, thrift shops or are given to me- which means all my reviews are way past tardy and a little sad-
read your own books- poindexter-
i live in a space ship-and in the dashboard of my capsule is this giant cassette player- where i listen to- the sounds of space

is this the biggest cassette you've ever seen or what ?

here's a comparison to a regular obsolete cassette- i guess back in the old days no one knew what size music was going to fit into- there were millions of different sized plastic cubes out there-

thank god 8-track won the battle-

i never really liked Elvis Costello until i found this 8-track- the most wonderful thing about this format is that the tapes will just play forever in a loop so you never have to change the record
which makes for some fucked up weeks-
i had Herb Albert's whipped cream and other delights- pushed in for a few months one long ago lost summer in Upstate New York- we slept on tables and lived like animals
People who had come to shoot this film and stay awhile found themselves buying these same songs years later- so in trenched had they become from constant looping repetition
my studio/ping pong/garage has this sweet set up incorporating all the musical formats of the day, turntable, cassette, 8-track, fm and am, i love this stereo- so loud
give it a listen

this is what 8-track sounds like- now forty-thirty years old- stretched, melded, melted, bleeding
and wonderful
with no subtly
My favorite band- my other car is silver- recorded their first album last week- available only in 8-track


  1. That Elvis Costello 8-track is great, he was snarling back then. I only noticed in the last couple of years that he was able to express his rage without distorted guitars! He was more of a pub-rocker.
    That weird cassette is cool, I had that player years ago with no tapes, so I threw it out, sorry!
    I think you should write tardy reviews, it's how we the audience can catch up. So please continue maestro.

  2. thanks for the support you beautiful mule-

    but i thought you only read blown brown

    but don't stop-

    and when do i get my silver 8-track ?


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