flattened ghost stories

Jesus with boobs post card from the i can't paint a million post cards show http://mountoctopus.blogspot.com/ more postcards are just a click away-

some punk kids are trying to start a gum pole ha- amateurs- trying to go up against the gum wall and all of it's glory- these caphill kids got no balls

hastily vacated bum nest

the bums are reading sc-fi this year- it's nice to see them concerned about the future of mankind in an hostile universe

flattened dead grass

i just love the texture- if i were a painter this is what i would paint. . . oh, wait, i am a painter-

flattened- i really love things all squished completely flat- i used to have a mud room and the walls were all decorated with all flattened cans, very decorative

this is the entrance to the Winston apartment building, 20 apartments, the building had originally been called the Elysian that's why it has this ridiculously incongruous neo-classical- Greek revival front door stairs and columns-Plus a spooky eye

i renovated practically this whole structure, 1905, inside and out- it is haunted and should be flattened with bulldozers

that's how haunted it is- when the new owners of the Wildrose took over they held a purification ceremony and surrounded the entire building with spruce clippings and smudged the bar with sage and called a Wicca to clean it out- but it didn't work-

Che and i wrote notes to future humans and filled a shoe box with memento's and nailed it to the wall inside that triangular roof with evil eye

the third floor on the west side had burned in a fire at some point in the passed and all the apartments on that side are patrolled by a ghost who leaves the gas on- all the time, every time a tenant comes home the stove top is lite

one of the girls got drunk-met the ghost and had a long talk with it, asked it to leave, move along, but it merely moved down the hall and one night the girl living in apt. G woke up to the ghost leaning over her, pushing hands down on her chest trying to flatten her into the bed, she moved out later that month

this was Jake's first home- my second Seattle apt. and the greatest job in the world for six years, fighting ghosts and gravity and time-

very science fiction i should have dressed in skin tight silver jumpsuits and shaved my eyebrows and sported more ear cuffs-

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