Mee-Mee and the boys used to drive around like this- all the time- trying to scare the crowds-

this is my favorite- so close to what i really look like- that it's just fucking eerie

i love the curly hair of these vintage masks i bought at a yard sale-never used on Halloween though-
this year we are all going to be a MaddMaxx family with Mee -Mee playing the roll of Tina Turner- me, i'm going to be a fruity biker with shoulder pads horrible haircut, chaps and make up-wait that's me everyday

very touching art from my favorite magazine Ford Times 1968

shoot things and drive cars i based my high school years on these dreams drawn real in the sixties

mom and son going to kill things

meanwhile the east coasters went crazy with surfing in '68- nobody told them their waves sucked i guess, and yet i dream of late summer Delaware dawn patrols, warm water, empty sandbars a blood red sun, dolphins crabs and jellyfish- fuck yeah, i understand the draw- last September i had some of the best surf of my life- not the biggest- just the best- warm-empty-point breakish-fun

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