chewed apart

apparently everyone is painting paintings of blurry photos- but their all doing it to be funny and cool, i shoot these photos with a broken camera and fuzzy eyeballs-because i am handicapped/ poor and morbid

wow- i just sent out the invitations via e-mail and man, i guess i really shouldn't have sent invites to some people-

here's some quotes- from real grown up people-

Who are you and 1) why did send a photo of a dead bird 2) what does this have to do with Westphalia's???

apparently vw people only want to see pictures of vans and 16 inch wheels- and youtube videos of syncros mud bogging- i stand by my earlier statements about vanagon owners-

* * * *

That's a horrible image and just for that no, I won't stop by!

* * * *


and just for the record i didn't kill the baby bird, all i did was take the picture

and this quote from my lovely wife who turns thirty-four today-

.....the card is sweet and scary...perfect to describe you haahaaa

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