girls in vanagons with street art and my ducks

drive-thru art show from vanagon windows
from the jump seat of my brown van
i like to leave it parked like a crime scene with all the doors thrown open
birthday girl and art lover w/ new haircut
stole my van and left me with a broken heart and only a duck to cry on

they really like to eat and nibble on toes and fingers and shoe laces
very inquisitive and adorable in a weird snobby stand offishness
territorial and defensive and skittish~ they like to do it in the pool, but only with new clean water~ they do it a lot
the brownie is the girl~ Jersey~ my sweatheart she's the smartest duck and the most hungry

the two drakes on defensese~ cockblock'n and attack
they have the craziest feet


thanks so much for coming to the party / art-show~ i didn't take any pictures and failed to live up to my own expectations~ thankfully you all exceeded the same


fir and fur streets

the view from the top of my van~ looking down at the new art installation

enjoy your birthday gift Mee-Mee and Ms. Suja


put the show out . . . invisisble house

now this thing is out in the street my drive-way waiting for your eyes to explore it~ i hope you can enjoy this ~ what have i done


the invisible house. . . knock knock

this is where i live. . . meet me at the intersection of . . .
i made a new street sign / i created a new street to go with our new art show / installation
this is where i live ~

this Saturday is the art opening please join us ~

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