when i go places not to do things

my palette. . .
lick her
i tried to paint a picture of Cyrus. . .
paintings i only look at

love that frame
cold war death toys. . . bombs included ?
scored some vintage muscle car models
the first egg !
backyard art studio ~ yeah summer
finished the top deck of my surfboard
partial new art show . . . invisible house. . .

my bachelor's supper. . . wraps
rise~ my chicken army
cascadian cammando

the actual Statue of Liberty ( Anarchy )
i found this mysterious masterpiece way down south near Auburn
pulled over amazed and hoped to see people i could talk to. . . James Island as seen from Rialto /well screwed to wall
i bought these two protriats of the same girl sixty years apart
painted in 1982, this women is dead now, her belongings scattered to grubby thrift shop hands
who puts a price tag in a halo ?

i found this in Kent, WA and i bought it, i really bought it and i never buy art, ever, i love this black velvet charmer, it's hanging in the kitchen / home made frame too
anniversary gift for my bride~
noir spy girl new painting


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