tackle linc's

finally stopped by Linc's tackle shop ~ with the idea of buying my ducks some night crawlers
i~ as most judgmental assholes assumed this place would be occupied and run by some old grizzled guys with ratty sweaters and smoking cigars~ when in actuality the proprietor was a nice soft spoken gentleman in a nice shirt and pressed pants, combed hair and smiling interest
i told him i was getting worms for the ducks and he smiled, you're not the only one, he told me
candy colored kill toys
i love this product
what ? a fish stuck to a painting~ that's crazy
this salmon is about 33 lbs, they say hundred pounders used to swim up the Elwha
that thing is a Steel-head, holymoly

secret fishing spot hand-drawn maps

lots and lots of maps
how to dig for a Geoduck

* * * * * * * *

and now they're going to put up signs and install fences and hire guards and dogs and private detectives because the world is afraid of a few pieces of art standing in a field becasue they themselves have crushed all the flowers and have made everything ugly,dry and brown

here's a new sign for ya


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