manned space noir

compilation of papers presented at the space station technology symposium~ NASA

not available as a reference document

the problem with selling manned space travel, missions, bases and stations to all of us regular people with crappy jobs, unemployment, depression, boredom and guilt, is multi-tiered~

fist of all, we needed bad guys and good art~ both of which space is lacking

and nothing in this book is sexy, and we all know what sells~ where's the sexy cosmonaut's in flash red unzippered {Velcro } space leotard

where are the monsters~ the asteroids ~the hordes of little green monkeys ? is that a fart orb ?

nobody is going listen to pencil necks talk about control systems

we all want time travelling crazy robots, we want space opera, we want the horror, the overwhelming odds, the sun melting, the earth freezing, the sky falling drama
~ we wanna fight
are you wearing high heels ?

what we get~ is a digital test set, is that like an 8-track player ?

the primary purpose of this effort is to prepare a candidate experiment program which will have a sufficient degree of authenticity D.R.Lord

all this brain power came together with the sole purpose of finding some reason for all of this brain power coming together & to plan a future of space stations with nothing to do~ besides wearing black suits, smoking pipes and looking at expensive machines and lights

the major problems facing the space station were as follows, there was no way to get up there, within cost, the lack of anything to do in space, and the public's extreme boredom

what killed the space station ? the same answer as to what made it possible ~
the space shuttle

huge gigantic phallic cocks~ to ram up Space's ass

or artificial manned vagina AMV

i'm even boring myself

the only real space station we built, Skylab, which we forgot to visit, like a friends house plant and it fell out of orbit and into the ocean and exploded killing all of us
not quite like a house plant, after all

Skylab before we built it~ and drove it all the way to space

things were starting to look complicated, we couldn't build the space station with out a reusable space ship, and we didn't need the reusable low orbit space ship with out the space station but we couldn't afford both, because the cost effective reusable glider was too expensive, but we couldn't scrap the whole convoluted plan because the Pentagon needed a station wagon to pick up the spy satellites
so we, the schlub tax payer bought a really expensive reusable space ship which would have been cheaper to throw away, or put in museums, as we are~ as we speak~ which we couldn't actually use for very much except for crashing a few times

politicians advisers and presidents speak in speeches and throw a lot of words and crazy ideas around in the experimental hope/ desire to see what sticks, what catches the populations imagination, as Bush, whispering a plan to launch mars missions from the moon of all places ~a world the gods told our final Apollo astronauts never to return to
1980 ? instead of donut shaped space stations we killed a whole bunch of El Salvadorans, Sandinista's and Nicaraguans, boycotted Olympic games and armed the Taliban while teaching them to fight with shoulder mounted missiles~ like little killer space ships

a lonely place to have drink~ the bartender is a huge grey computer who asks you what you'll have with a slip of paper with holes punched out of it/ like gibberish fortune cookies /stares at you with a big red eye while behind him other computers whisper~ I B M

figure 10. captures the startling discovery of invisible space things and. . . i don't think he should be in there

is that the much feared human bullet ? loaded within the space cannon commie killer SCCK waving a final note to his loved ones back on Mars

they let black people in space ? when ? i thought this whole program was merely an extension of White flight

the conclusion of our learning process ? Bigger /graphier

we should have just built rocket nozzles in the basement of the Chrysler building and Empire State building and filled them with solid rocket fuel and poor people
this, forty years later by the way is the one and the same orbital vehicle we will now be building to get to the current pathetic space cluster of modules
also note the similarities to every other low orbit x-planning jet
the future of manned flight was, like Twinkies, built in the sixties and delivered today
nothing says sexy like long skirts and fire
thus the space staion must be located in space *actual quote
" hell, just put any damn idea you come up with . . ."
"on a cone ? sir ?"
"cone, capsule, your dick, i don't care. . . just draw it~ your getting paid"
the real question is~ why does the past's picture of the future always look so much better than our present vision of our childrens future ?
i'll take replaceable panels, but could i get those in really expensive subway tiles, instead ?
the perpendicular line represents actual cost~ and actual flights
these drawings look a lot like the future of combat jet fighters if you ask me
if we could have made these smaller and faster we could have beaten the Vietcong and saved the world from slavery and gravity
i thought i said one glowing evil red eye !!!
how to have sex with god
read the last few lines, stop paying your taxes, vote third, forth, or green parties, sell your car, walk everywhere, destroy the state, vote with gum*, build your own space station with 25 year old vans, conduct your own experiments~ write your own blog ~in analog form, with paper, and ink and real fists

and fly away~
*yes i said, gum
space needs villians

space suits

oh, and by the way here's some new art and pictures for the new year~
and a great follow up from the NYTimes of a great looking spacesuit travelling show, great pictures so klick away~

thnx and Happy straightedge new year, i'll be awake at 5am out for a swim with the other fat guy polar bears, yeah !

the plate escape

made the kids and little Mee-Mee some cedar handplanes for Christmas
modified S-deck


the PacBat ~ lil' lady ~ and Ghost trooper

my father sent me some knives for the hip, throwing and pocket~ i wore them to church last night~ just in case Yahweh decided to smite us

Heart ?

my new Christmas pants, highwaisted and tight

kids ready to hit the shore pound barrels

and the Christmas plates~

we all sat down and drew up about 100 of these to mail out to family and buddies~

how dad heats up leftovers~

a few weeks ago the president of the Make-a-plate company called up and told Michell that she wasn't going to be able to make a whole bunch of our plates because their company tried to run a family business with wholesome values and serviced elementary schools and church groups and that my images were deemed too sexy and too violent

the company threw my originals in the trash and mailed us our plates, merry Christmas

Tinsil~ with his pre-X-mass 'stash

wrap it up

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