blank dusted

holy cow my blanks arrived from Mt. Octopus and i started mow'n~
i think i killed every bird in the neighborhood who mistook all the dust for crumbs~ now I'll have to get rid of the cat~

these things POP

they don't even need art~

fuckers spelled my name wrong~ again

check out their site linked below. . .

can't wait to shape me some fun boards and belly flopper's just as soon as this horrid rain lets up, and i can take off these mittens

just as soon as i can find my saw, my knife and hatchet~ gonna turn these white hot blankies into some blood red sleds

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  1. Hey Neil,

    good luck with the surfboards. cant wait to see the pictures of the finished product. love your captions. something for me to aspire to. merry christmas to you and the family!


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