things she makes up, as she wakes up

some god woke up very early this morning
the lights across the street at the church burned on~ surprisingly early~ for someone to bang around amongst the pews~ would some god need to turn the lights on ?

with frail hope

along the loneliest street in my neighbourhood

a shimmering path of shattered glass

i walk these pre~dawn streets a drift~ directionless~
the spreading reach of desires frustration chopped off

read a book about clouds and remember nothing, cirrus, stratus or nimbus
flat and screwed
pulled out

a brown attracts my eye, paints a door my camera can't translate

i love my streets~ nude car~less
i love you boarded up, painted/tagged and de~shrubbed abandoned structures
modern cubic functional useless~ you beautifully eye-soar

back when i wandered the streets of NY these machines used to ring as you passed, and ring and ring

everything and nothing important ?

say it ~ sexy ~ with a whisper

cardboard deterrents to consummation
if you have cash or vices/ i wanted to take pictures of hats/ and couldn't make myself walk in

brown, really brown electric meters

a block away~ i've never been

constantly drawn to this storefront, this is the most beautiful building in town~hands down without contention, if i could bestow a plague or trophy this building would wear a crown of glamorous magazine covers~ WINNER my original post on this space, suggested they sell only marshmellows, dandruff and cum, may i add, clouds, frost and milk ?
i don't know what's going on here, but i like it.

a bus that makes me smile~ could you ever picture a meadow closed
i see time-machine ghost children in red patent leather Mary-Jane's, with blue chalk, drawing monsters
against a green~ so green ~ leaves fall from trees in surrendered defeat
then this backyard diorama slaps my face and leaves me breathless with stunned lust~transfixed
so much going on behind this little house on an alley
and then~ this is the dog that chased me off and cockblocked my flirt of bewildered
i just like this boat~ a float in frost

WOW and wownderful ~ where did you go ?

i wake~ so i can walk~ so i can see the first light to touch a cloud's basement
yeah, a mound of earth that smelled like shit, lots of shit
the puddle smelled like shit too~ and piss~ a lot of shit and gallons of piss
and a white truck glistening with rainwater~ WCW

if we hadn't destroyed Ma' Bell the old black telephone monopoly~ we wouldn't have cellphones
. . . but anyway this vintage manhole cover framed in eyeball popping face gauging fluorescence screams ART or . . . ARTY anyway

greatest named defunct business in town award winning recipient

the other side of the diorama~
my favorite graffiti is so much cuter in the winter
a mathematical precision to ~ choke/ strangle/ hang/ tread

not quite a costume if you wear it everyday ~ BUM
no autographs please NE!L~


  1. Hey Neil,

    Wish I could type the i upside down. Not that clever with a computer. Loved your photos---the captions are the most revealing. I'll be back often. Started my own blog--with your help. It's My first one collapsed (almost at the same as I did). Hope you find this. I'm lovin' it. Just a picture a day. My captions aren't that clever, but I may work up to it.

    Hi to the family.


  2. I don't know what I like better the caption's or the pictures,they are both great.pucci your number 1 fan.


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