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We Ride Unpaved Streets!: A Bike Bloc Manifesto

As you may have noticed, the number of posts at this site has taken a temporary dip. I’ve suddenly found myself with far less free time while spending considerable efforts helping organize the Caleb for Council 2014 campaign here in Portland focusing on many Right to the City platforms, including social and environmental justice, housing equity, and the 15 Now livable wage movement.
In the interest of keeping a bit of fresh content flowing here, I thought it’d be fun to present Rebel Metropolis’ first ever guest post via our comrade from the north, True Bikes of Liberty. TBOL has showered me with custom prints and zines in the past, but one of his last mailed gifts really inspired me. Obviously I’m breaking a few rules here by scanning a print zine into electronic web form, but with the author/artist’s permission, here is TBOL’s art and poetry. If this text doesn’t make you want to ride your bike and overthrow that state, nothing will.
See you in the streets!
Front and back cover art. All images and print text courtesy True Bikes of Liberty.
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