put the show on already, spaghetti

i had this photo blown up to 18 x 22 and after i saw it, it kind of blew my mind, Cyrus called it even before it was huge, when he said, it's so sexual-
when i took this photo, it was just another random piece of chewed up gum in a field of hundreds of others, but now, shit, it's so sculptural- was i set up ?- is this a prop piece of gum ? it couldn't be-
so freaking weird- click on it and see it freakishness and my mind blowing distortions- i need to lay down

the show has been hung and is now awaiting paparazzi- super models, bums, kids and queens

i wanted you to see this picture because i'm wearing a dead guys shirt (Mr. Williams) don't worry i washed it- and no i didn't kill him- either

you can see the work best from outside- you should drink some coffee and stand in the street- that's where i'll be

don't know if i like this sunshiny kinda thing going on- i think i usually show in the winter when the sun is a dead blob and barely crawls over the grass

see you all Wednesday from 6:00 to 6:15 for a very quick reception
thank you Boatgirl (Kelly) for the excellent assistance, guidance and supplies-
and of coarse thank you very much Dani-

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  1. Wish I could be there, if only to get whapped upside my head for missing you in Seattle! The show looks great, your pics super compelling and kind of spooky. I also like that poodle and his jaunty neck-erchief in the far left corner of the fourth pic down.


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