peeing at la push

i like to check the waves while i pee-

first light touching the wave lip is always my favorite time to be out in the water, but, it was a little small at dawn, i paddled out a bit later, alone- with little skinny whales-baby grey or minke- did you know that back in the old days when the locals used to hunt whales that after they killed them- one of the guys would jump in the water and sew the whales mouth shut- so they wouldn't sink

this is my 1970's windbreaker tent so obsolete, this is my favorite tent design so simple and small, and i get to pretend i'm a time traveller

rez dogs- tethered looking for love

dewy grasses

James island with polka dots- Chris O and i got to paddle across the la push river to check Rialto beach but it looked all junky so we paddled back to surf

low tide

later that night i woke really late it was so warm, i just stood under the stars in a t-shirt- Orion's belt was glowing so brightly i couldn't stand it- i felt as though i was being sucked up into the stars

the burn ban has been lifted so -get your hot dogs and marshmallows out- go find a stick and come back

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  1. I truly miss it out there. Someone will have to bring my ashes to La Push one day.


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