my favorites- Cyrus and Henry

i made this pie for Henry- it's gluten free-vegan/ plum apple berry and it was really good-
the regular pie on the right is my grand experiment- Apple carrot ginger- wow! so good !

Henry and Cyrus came over to eat the pie and we did a very good job, there's a show at Scribble's on sunday, Cyrus is holding up the flyer we all made-playing immaculate corpse- those two were really in tune- i wasn't but the flyer is nice

then Cyrus forked her

made a new fanzine

for my show in September - all photos- from the magic camera

i really love making zines- so satisfying- even if no one ever even looks at them, i can tack them up all over town- guerrilla style- then they disappear out into the world
gotta go slack line now-

unfolded paper- zine


  1. You know my address.
    I don't mind if I get a 'fanzine'
    (not a big fan of that word)
    delivered to my home.
    No, not one bit.
    Wouldn't mind it a bit.
    Not even a little bit.
    Thats for sure.

  2. Oh wait, you 'zine'
    not 'fanzine'.
    But do I like that?
    does it matter?
    Shut the fuck up.

  3. scribbles zines *and* PIE
    bursting with juicy goodness
    totally yummy

    PS I love your blog....

    from a sad person who doesn;t really have a van...just a kind of 7 seater thing with a new jump leads were very short.... *ahem*


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