i was going to call my shop pop o pies after one of the greatest bands - ever but-

they named themselves after an imaginary snack from Zippy the pinhead comic- if you never got to see this band let me tell ya-
they only played Truckin- a cover version on the Gratefuldead's hit song- let me say that again-
their whole set- 30 40 minutes consisted of only the one song Truckin- fucking unreal and wonderful, the night i saw them in Boston, when i was a young jerk, The Proletariat opened for them, but nobody was there-too punk- everyone was Hardcore that year and punk was gay-
i brought my bike into the club and sat on the seat and loved the Proletariat-
the pop o pies set up their equipment back wards and played truckin for 35 minutes with the backs of their heads to all of us dumb fuckin punk shits, soaked with rain and sweat-
great show-
maybe not the name of my pie shop though

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  1. what is the name going to be???? shut your pie hole ....a suggestion from the east coast plattsburgers......


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