zine archives 1994-5

Zine Archives- the first issue was smaller than the subsequent zines- and very skimpy
apparently i had just painted 100 paintings that were larger than 24" square-i didn't count small paintings-
what would that Neil think of 12oo paintings no bigger than CD's

i loved the car issue those are b/w Polaroid photos of- Jake and my 1951 ford club coupe, Elhot's, little whatever, he had owned that car since he was like 15, Cookie's Ford and Henderson's Cadillac/convert- nice

cartoon issue- featuring Neo-Classical Man

ah- the Acorn pub versus the Comet tavern issue- right after the Flamingo east show- my first in NY- very special-after the opening we all went upstate to the ACP and there was madness- with us all walking home on the dark country roads
this could have been the final issue- i don't save anything so i can't say- anyone ?
After the last Father and Son show at KMOCA, Jocelyn asked when i was bringing shit pig back,
and she suggested a blog, so this is how this all became again, unfortunately some one else had the blog name shitpig so i had to roll with neilwaukee.
thanks Jocelyn

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