Mr. Williams is gone

it's a very sad thing to watch a house die like this- full of peoples lives- cloths, shoes, furniture- one of the easy chair had never had it's plastic removed-ever- before the track hoe- squished it like a huge assed god

a lot of lunch boxes lived in this house

i had a photo of some old lady in this wheelchair sitting in my house, sitting in the hospital- then i saw this- and almost cried- the lady from up the street came by and the Georgians and Armenians told her i had found some photos- she'd had a son with Mr. William's son- could she have the photos ? she didn't know the people either but i gave her the photo's -maybe she'll mail them to jail

when we were kids in Astoria, NY- the whole world was being destroyed and rebuilt- urban renewal they called it- i remember climbing dark Victorian mansions/ stair ways and throwing ancient books threw windows, ahead of bulldozers

these scenes are so much more fun when your a kid - nothing has any historical weight- it's all worthless-breakable dirty and old

barefoot babies had walked this flooring

during the war -WWII, the family rented out rooms upstairs- the kitchen and bath remained untouched till today - i forgot to take the back door- which had been the door to Mr. Williams' candy store

bottles pulled from under the basement floor- this one had a wonderful tranquil painting for a label

who used to eat oyster cocktail ?

don't even know what this import is

the last summer this old pear tree may ever see-

i tried not to get too depressed this weekend or pissed, i think i hate art shows, i think i'm glad i didn't go to the beach, and i think next year i am going to do the three day novel writing contest again-which i haven't done in . . . Jesus- ten years ! but i did it four years in a row- but stopped when i had a nervous breakdown and threw my IBM burnt/orange Selectric across the kitchen and wrote a poem to you instead-

maybe it's the rain that's bringing me down- or these pictures- you look and tell me-

destruction video

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