Cornelius Nash

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Cornelius Nash
NASH--Cornelius C. Neil Nash, 48, died on September 9th after years of a heroic battle with brain cancer, Neil's legacy is one of kindness and inspiration in the face of his baffle. For the past 16 years Neil has fought and triumphed over numerous run-ins with the disease, constantly turning the medical community on its head while keeping his own- Neil was a real New Yorker and lived in Manhattan most of his life. He loved the city and was often the very embodiment of its struggles and triumphs. As a close friend states; "A big part New York City's beauty is that it often feels so fragile and so grand at the same time. Neil Nash was the same; he was always grand and epic even during the hardest times." For the last 10 years he was an acclaimed project manager who oversaw a wide array of projects in New York and throughout the US. Neil helped manage several large institutional restoration projects after hurricane Katrina, as well as built high-end residential projects throughout New York City, and a prominent soup kitchen and social services agency in Brooklyn. A statement from close friends reads; "No matter what Neil was going through personally he always maintained an optimism and willingness to help others, laugh out loud, and be the most stylish guy in the room. His sense of humor, rigorous honesty, and openness always made Neil a magnet for great conversations and connection with everyone he encountered." Cornelius is mourned by his wife Martha Brophy, his children Jedidiah and Campbell, his sister Juliana Nash Stenerson, his mother, Juliana vanderVloed Nash, and a huge family and circle of friends too numerous to mention.

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