Neil Nash yeah

if you all don't read Oh, snap ! the blog from NYC you should, but if you don't- you should read today's article anyway-

Jocelyn knew Neil a lot better than I did, I'm sure- i don't know anything about anyone- really-

and i can't find any older photos of my cousin, and she has posted a few great ones, damn that guy was good looking- do you know how hard it was having to hang out with Neil and Hugh, jesus i felt like a turd

with these two hunky supermodels draggin' me threw the sewers of the east village- fighting everyone- talking for days and the two of them riding their bikes like a Kerouac novel, a Ginsburg poem-beautiful

when Neil told you things, anything he would really mean it- with his hands twisted his face all screwy- you had to listen- but you didn't want to be out with these nuts after 2 am

i'd be home hiding in bed the phone covered with pillows- terrified

anyway read her story- it's very sweet

and i'll see you all in the new york


  1. Thank you Neil, I'm so glad (and relieved) you like it, I didn't know if it was a little self indulgent on my part. Well it probably is but I couldn't help it, I miss that guy so much already.

  2. I can't wait to see you in NYC. It'll be nice to remember together.


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