that house

welcome to the house- says the floating dolly head-

donkey show

whack eyed brunette- from a Spillane novel- kiss me deadly ?

fucking Chucky- always spooking me

his girlfriend has a broken neck and natty dreads

no redemption song for this dead hag

dead baby jokes were huge when i was a kid-

no birds- perhaps in the freezer ?

puppets are always scary

a sad consumptive relation

clowns are always creepier than puppets- but i really love the washed out/faded look

still life with crackers

that fucking house

covered drive ways were huge in the fifties- car ports

look in the window you super creeper

my gang of old home owners bought me some gorgeous pie pans- this one looks like the earth from outer space- or some tripped out acid heads dream of perfect pants

gutter punk barbie says- bye bye now- thnx for the head

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