Random life & still life

when bums create art - this is the type of still life they build/ this piece is like a Cezanne to tweakers
i like this penguino- did he poop the ice cube ? his expression and wing pointing seems to indicate some kind of guilt

Who is this guy and why can't i stop thinking about him- ?

the lovely miss Henry- flying into my heart since. . . 1976 ? Baby Forest walks around carrying this photo and kissing it-

turntable- with stackable .45 dildo

missing tubes- dusty with the neatest flat tweeters

my new free stereo- from the 1960's- very busy/nice logo

nutty wall built around this new bar's patio, click on the image to see that it is built out of old street signs- so cool- they should be magazines nobody reads or looks at-

free piles are my favorite places to shop- where i get all my cloths, furniture, and books, reading list and x-mas gifts- if you look at this picture close you can actually see the two old people sitting there- to exhume ghosts remove furniture- directions-

little cute house with amazing lawn full of trees this is the side, the front lawn has three just like this- isn't it wonderful

my last free woodblock print card- i bombed an art gallery with- that's my thumb

While trying to shoot this episode some ass of a white boy said- the city of Seattle doesn't allow, flyer's to be stuck to trees-

Mee Mee told him to relax and go inside- and we all laughed at him- he was right-

flattened shoes

play field-looks fake

Baby Forest trying to show/explain something to me- and we had to hike clear across the soccer field to do so- isn't he cute though

me putting on a free/gift show on the street

my new free pile stereo

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  1. This is a really funny post, Neil. Thanks for making me laugh, especially about the penguin and Forest gesturing...the whole thing, hilarious and fun.


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