the things i don't want

i tried to be honest,when i found this amazing photo of this kid surfing in the sixties, stuffed into this horrible frame, looks better in digital form i swear, and now i want it, so i was going to pull the photo out of the frame and put it in a book, i was buying, but i figured i'd just go up front and ask if i could just buy the photo, the frame was too expensive and ugly, i told the lady, someone was just going to throw it out and put a picture of some dog in it and she looked at me and said no way, rejected, damn, and now i want this photo and frame~ damn honesty ! i should have smashed the frame and ran~
black velvet painting of old lady sewing, can you think of anything hotter

i mean besides a fucked painting of a puppy in Santa's hat, asleep beneath the mistletoe, i was first drawn to this painting from across the room, because i thought the sprig was a spider, brilliant i thought, and disappointed

could i have a more spellbinding life ?

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