summer vacation predawn patrol

first of all i feel like some wayward child stuck sitting at a desk doing homework, or in a summer school class room~ i forgot how to blog, my dog ate my blog, i'd rather go outside
what i did for summer vacation . . .
check out MeeMee's new surfboard with a big bite taken out
found these amazing time capsules full of seeds
Lady BaBa's wicked wild bird house ~ New Jersey
the little forest~ i grew up within
my Elm tree~ beside the mine shafts and surrounded by the Oaks
we used to swim in this iron ore relic~ as a painting
we walked this little road down to Deer Haven everyday ~ to await buses, the mail, to look for frogs, to find broken down cars
old Polaroid ~ blanks
covered in salt and spices people eat these by the bushell~
we become the only people inside museums
we watch paintings together
wonderful farmhomes ~ for ghost and invasive plants

found some amazing toys surf was flat but i came out every morning just to be sure
Joe Fellner's farmhouse / my old house ~ New York

what my photographer MeeMee does for fun
my little guy~ the poster boy for childhood
driveway fungi

dawn patrol starts really early in Delaware
de pike plate
some great art~ left behind~ now apart of the wall and life of this house~
free book pile find~ first line of this book and i quote~
no, you don't really need to wear an iron cross, bleach your hair, drive a woodie, and climb into frayed paisleys to surf.


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  1. Loved the AJ Foyt Tonka, did you buy it?


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