gum wall

i can't believe i posted all these pix with no text. sorry, well this is Post Alley in Seattle's Pike Place market area, early Thursday morning, i had forgotten that the gum wall existed and now, holy crap has it expanded, it's about a block long now, and disgusting.
close up of gum, aging, rotting, transforming, becoming something other than gum-ART?

if i were a real bum, i'd come down here and pick select pieces to remove, to chew and dream, of who had chewed before, my masticators

this wall would be the highlight of my tour of Seattle if i took tourists around, holding their hands pointing their eyes, jesus, what a wonderful gum wall.

i really like taking pictures of the homes, i know will be destroyed soon, so many i miss, this gem is so fucking haunted, cold air pours down the steps, cobwebs cover the sky above the roof, the crows call my name and some very old paper thin people still live here, just at the very edge of existence, boo.

look how cute this adobe lunch place nestles itself into downtown, Pioneer Square, at some point in the 20's or 30's some nuts from California thought they could recreate the Spanish look, up here in Cascadia, there's a great row of homes on capital hill and west Seattle, fine examples of this really weird idea, this noir dream of warmth and brilliant colors, this place though just sells, crappy meat rich lunch to working people, and waits for bulldozers- and it's existence to come to an end

there's something very poetic and noble about this group of statues to fallen firemen, they're life sized and so displaced in time, with the masks and the action posed heroics, it's as if there's a real fire to keep you away from them

i just wish that this pair, shot real water from that hose, maybe some eternal flames would be cool too, the day i walked this route the Park Rangers were busting drunks, druggies and bums, who call this part of town home,
i looked all sketchy sticking art up to trees, sweating like mad and taking pictures i thought for sure, some cop was going to shout, hey, asshole, what are you doing? and i'd run

This is how you track bums, find a bum trail head, it'll lead you to Mt. Hobo


  1. That is both disgusting and awe-inspiring at the same time.

  2. I contributed to the gum wall during my trip to Seattle 2 years ago. Maybe I was your masticator? If so, it was most likely sugar free.


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