Pie vs. art

today i made two pies, one with apples and mango, and another with everything, mango, apple strawberry, blue berry peach and cherry.

i will be opening my pie shop soon, i hope, or never, depending on the guy who owns the space i want to rent, so perfect, no other location will do

Henry and Kat came over, to eat, and good, i would have eaten them both in a second, as it was i ate six slices
so instead of art, i've been making pie and going on death march hikes, two hours of hill climbing, under a hot sun, home for lunch and then a drive to the lake and an hour paddle and swim, until my arms are noodles, yesterday i noticed a million dead minnows, i hope i don't get Croaker, and wash up on shore too, didn't see the kill, until i came out of the water, shit, i suspected this lake was dead, last month, no frogs, anywhere, but i have to swim, tough choices.
I had thought i was suffering from painters block, but now i'm not so sure, now my theory is, is that physical activity sucks creativity right out of you, strenuous exercise kills any desire for me to create.
now, i'm fucked
and hungry- watch out pie
the above link goes to my strictly art blog, with a new post today, go there now, help a man out, before he cries himself to sleep

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  1. I have to confess Neil - I love your painting above my bed but I love pie even more. I think I love pie more than anything. I think about pie all the time. Apple pie in particular. I am not satisfied with just one piece. I must eat the whole pie.

    I have found a most remarkable pie maker in Vancouver - So far they make the best apple pie I have tasted. Maybe your pie is better Neil? Send me a pie and I'll let you know. Apple please.


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