newest fanzine available

it's a woodblock printed cover of a foldable origami style fanzine coloring book

zine among the flowers, front yard art just can't be beat ya'll

the kids love 'em, they wouldn't let me color them and then you know Forest throws everything on the floor

i discovered that, i'm a really good crayonist, i'm going to put that on my resume- coloring book pro-

unfolded- and uncolored- this little zine is titled
click this link to see more or to look at my Artfire studio- i know, what ? more self promotion, geez.

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  1. Coloring book pro would make sense on your illustrated resume or cv (if you prefer).
    Saw big Tommy Sullivan at the dentist--why was he there? He needed a crown for the tooth he used to open beer bottles with...classic. The hygenist asked how I knew him. I answered, "He's a legend."
    I've now moved on from You Tube to Pandora. I'm enjoying music again.


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